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Five things to keep in mind before you start your freelancing career

For many, quitting their job and going into business for themselves as a freelancer is an alluring prospect. There’s no denying that working as a freelancer offers many benefits over a traditional career – from more control over your schedule to more freedom to travel to the ability to be your own boss. However, as The post Five things to keep in mind before you start your freelancing career appeared first on Small Business.

This Week in Small Business, Supreme Court OKs Internet Sales Tax, Etsy Raises Seller Fees

? Welcome back to another edition of This Week in Small Business. This is where I look at the week that was in small business news as it appeared on Small Business Trends and offer some more insight. Online Sales Tax Ruling And this week, it’s hard to ignore the Supreme Court ruling that now allows states to enact sales taxes on online sales. This will likely increase the cost of items bought and sold online. If you buy supplies online for your business, you’ll likely see a spike as states approve these taxes. If you’re an online seller, this could complicate matters when it comes to who you tax and how much you’re to collect. This may be a matter of which ecommerce platform best adapts to the changes to make the transition easier on its sellers. In other news this week, one of the most popular ecommerce platforms, Etsy, announced it was raising seller fees — including shipping charges! That’s a double-whammy that may make some sellers re-consider their plans. I also took some time this week to discuss productivity hacks, as provided by Larry Kim. And I also looked a little deeper at a piece that published this week on potential reasons why your small business is struggling. These articles were just a sample of what was happening for small businesses this week. For the rest, check out this roundup from Small Business Trends. In case you’ve missed any of the previous editions of This Week in Small Business, be sure to check them out at the Small Business Trends YouTube channel. And be sure not to miss future This Week in Small Business videos. Subscribe to the Small Business Trends YouTube channel today. Employment BambooHR Releases Mobile App Aimed at Speeding Up Your Recruiting Process Today’s job market is extremely tight, and qualified candidates are being snatched up faster than ever. The new applicant tracking system (ATS) mobile app from BambooHR Hiring was developed to quickly and efficiently let you evaluate the best candidates from your mobile device. According to Officevibe, the best candidates can be off…

David Alexander of SAP Concur: Automating Expense and Travel Management Sheds Light on Company Spending Issues

Business of all sizes exert considerable effort keeping track of what they spend and what they take in.  And many have employees who travel to meet with customers and prospects in order to drum up business. Managing all of these expenses is a tedious, but important task. Though manually keeping track of it all could be costing you money too. I recently spoke with David Alexander, Vice President of Marketing and Market Development for SAP Concur, a leading provider of cloud-based integrated travel and expense management services and solutions.  He shared how using an automated platform for managing travel and expense tasks can help small businesses not only be more productive, but also provides insight into how they’re spending money — which can help them save money in the end. Below is an edited transcript of our conversation. To hear the full interview, click on the embedded SoundCloud player below. Small Business Trends:  Maybe you can give me a little bit of your personal background. David Alexander:  I’ve been here at SAP Concur for about a year and a half now. And my role here, I’m the Vice President of Small Business Marketing and Market Development. So I am essentially responsible for all of our pipeline and early conversations with existing customers and new business customers for all our prospects and customers under 1,000 employees. Prior to that, as you know, where you and I met, I was at Microsoft for about 12-1/2 years and in various marketing and sales roles over at Microsoft as well. Small Business Trends:  Maybe you can give us a little bit of a high level view of what Concur does. David Alexander:  I think most customers out there would probably expect us to be a travel and expense company. I think that’s traditionally been where a lot of customers have gotten to know us. But we’re more than that. We’re really a travel, expenses, invoice company. We’re providing a number of different resources for our customers, specifically in the small business segment. I like to think of them in what we deliver to customers…

Boxstorm Forever Free Offers Online an Inventory Management System for Small Businesses

Small businesses will now be able to automate their inventory management for free with Boxstorm Forever Free. According to inventory software company Fishbowl, which created Boxstorm, this will be the first free online, unrestricted inventory management solution with QuickBooks Online integration for small to medium sized businesses. The company said this will eliminate the manual processes with which many small businesses must deal. With 84% of small businesses relying on manual processes, the time and money this new solution offers will be invaluable for many companies. This is because inventory management is rife with manual processes which have to be regularly updated. By offering this free option, Boxstorm is giving small companies the opportunity to experience an automated solution without any risks. This is not to say Fishbowl is discontinuing its other paid services. John David King, Fishbowl CEO, addressed this very point in a recent press release. King exxplaind, “Many businesses may never need more than Boxstorm Forever Free — and we’re ok with that. Boxstorm Forever Free is a product of Fishbowl, the No. 1 inventory management solution for Quickbooks. We understand the challenges small business owners go through. Boxstorm Forever Free makes it easy for them to overcome those challenges.” ? A Free Inventory Management System Boxstorm Forever Free is a truly free solution without ads, caps on items in inventory, caps on the number of users or caps on locations. The company says no one will even call you to upgrade. You also don’t have to provide a credit card. Yet you get a fully functioning inventory management solution. It is important to note you don’t need to implement QuickBooks. You can use it as a standalone solution to track your inventory. But if you already have QuickBooks Online, it can be integrated with Boxstorm on your computer or mobile device. The free features include functions which allow you to add items, import and export data, add or remove inventory, move inventory, scan in and out, audit trail and more. The platform also allows integration with standard scanners as well as free Android and iOS apps for…

Top 4 Tips on Finding Your Niche and Starting a Business

After months of poring over it, you have finally decided to start a business. The only problem is you are having a hard time deciding on a market niche. Listing… Read more » The post Top 4 Tips on Finding Your Niche and Starting a Business appeared first on

The Recent Sales Report Gave Management Some Bad Vibes

I don’t know if I’ve talked about it here before, but I was a music major in college. I played trombone and wasn’t too bad if I say so myself. But I don’t really do very many music cartoons. I don’t know why, but I don’t seem to. But one day while racking my brain for a new take on the sales graph, it occurred to me that it looked like a vibraphone. But I didn’t think anyone would recognize that, so I tried out marimba, glockenspiel, chimes, and finally settled on the xylophone. Everyone knows the xylophone. I think. This article, “The Recent Sales Report Gave Management Some Bad Vibes” was first published on Small Business Trends

What is a B-Corp? What is a Benefit Corporation? What’s The Difference?

Not many people understand what it means by becoming a B Corp even before they can know whether it is good for them or not. Actually, many confuse it with… Read more » The post What is a B-Corp? What is a Benefit Corporation? What’s The Difference? appeared first on

Top Benefits Offered by Using a PEO

Put simply, a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization, is a large employer. This means the organization has the ability to legally provide benefits to co-employees. When a client company takes… Read more » The post Top Benefits Offered by Using a PEO appeared first on

Why Should Businesses Make Use of Coupons Websites?

Coupon websites offer customers with discounts on goods and services. Customers access the codes online and make use of them when making purchases in the store website. Coupon websites make profits by retaining a percentage of every coupon sold. The main reason why businesses make use of coupons is to attract more customers to their […] The post Why Should Businesses Make Use of Coupons Websites? appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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