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12 Money-Making Stay At Home Mom Jobs for 2019

Are you a stay at home mom? Where I live, you get up to a year off for maternity. I’m so glad I had that time with my twins. But, one thing that lingered was how to contribute to my finances once my maternity leave ended. I learned about jobs for stay at home moms and was hooked! My husband works from home and if he can do it, then I can too! A stay at home mom job can be anything online or not. There are a ton of things you can do as a stay at home and make money. The list I share with you are mom jobs that are easy to start and easy to set up that cost very little as well! Are you with me? Let’s look at 12 stay at home mom jobs so that you can have more time with your little one or ones! 12 Stay at Home Mom Jobs 1. Start a Blog Yes! This has to be my number one mom job for home! Starting a blog was the BEST decision I ever made. I was able to use my blog to make money online! How great is that! And, the best part is, if you want to bootstrap it all, you can start a blog for less than $120! Check out my simple and tech-free tutorial on starting a blog (video included!) So, how can you make money blogging? There are several ways, but the easiest and best ways for brand new bloggers to make money are: Start a service Do affiliate marketing Have ads on your blog Each monetization strategy has its own method to generating income. If you want to dabble in affiliate marketing, check out my post and video on Amazon affiliate marketing. If offering a service is up your ally, check out my post on 22 freelance services you can offer as a stay at home mom. Finally, if you want to do ads on your blog, the first thing that you need to work on is gaining traffic. Blog traffic is the heartbeat…

4 ways ghosts can be good for business

On Halloween night, it’s a hoot to see gleeful ghosts roaming around the neighborhood in search of candy. But what happens when the real McCoy shows up in the break room? Suddenly, the lights are turning on and off by themselves, you’re hearing strange noises, and your eyes are playing tricks on you. Did that coffee cup just slide across the table … by itself? Before you call the Ghostbusters, take a good, hard look at the situation. Are you really dealing with a ghost? Those knocking or scratching sounds inside the walls may be unnerving, but there could be an earthly reason for what’s going bump in the night. You could have a plumbing problem or some uninvited rodent guests. A strong breeze could be blowing doors open or moving objects. If you’re overworked or overtired and experiencing strange phenomena, perhaps a vacation is in order. But, if you’ve ruled out rational reasons for strange happenings, perhaps ghosts are to blame. If you, your staff and your customers have had ghostly encounters, there’s no need to run for the hills. So long as Casper is a friendly chap, it could be a boon. Here are four ways paranormal phenomenon can contribute to the success of your business:  1. Tell your ghost story Use your website, blog or podcast to tell the story of the ghost that haunts your business and document any sightings or paranormal activity for others to see and share. Keep in mind, if you put your story out there, other bloggers and podcasters will be able to use it and promote your business, too. While it may seem silly, customers will get a kick out of it. After all, studies show that up to 45 percent of Americans believe in ghosts or spirits.  In the example below, Muriel’s in New Orleans, Louisiana, does a great job of highlighting its haunted history on its website. Among other curious facts, readers learn about the table that is reserved year-round and set with bread and wine for resident ghost Pierre Antoine Lepardi Jourdan.  2. Serve spirits with a supernatural spin Are…

Goldman Sachs offering free programme to help small businesses succeed

One of the world’s leading investment banks and one of the most highly regarded universities in the world are joining forces to help small businesses in the UK. The Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford is working with the Goldman Sachs Foundation to deliver the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses UK programme. The The post Goldman Sachs offering free programme to help small businesses succeed appeared first on Small Business.

Solutions to e-commerce hurdles for service based businesses

Customers are used to shopping online. In fact, in the last 12 months 78% of adults in the UK bought goods or services in this way and have high expectations when it comes to convenience, choice and speed and won’t think twice about walking away if you can’t deliver it. While product providers have been The post Solutions to e-commerce hurdles for service based businesses appeared first on Small Business.

How to Make Extra Money By Referring Your Friends

Word of mouth referrals are still very powerful. People are always looking for recommendations and the people you know will trust your referrals especially if they’ve seen certain products or services benefit you personally. Referring people to a product you know and love is one of many ways to use your words for a financial benefit. Most businesses have referral programs allowing you to earn a bonus for referring a new customer or client. With the holidays right around the corner, referring family and friends can be an easy way to make some much needed extra cash. What better way to start than by referring the people you know and already have a relationship with? Here are a few ways to make money by referring your family and friends. Swagbucks Swagbucks has earned a reputation as one of the top sites to visit to make money doing short tasks online. They not only offers surveys as an option to earn some extra cash, but you can also watch videos, play games, shop, and simply search the web. Here’s how Alexa uses Swagbucks to make extra money. Swagbucks pays users with gift cards but you can also redeem your points for a PayPal gift card if you prefer cash. About 2,500 points is equivalent to a $25 gift card. If you refer a friend you will get 10% of their lifetime earnings. Inbox Dollars Inbox Dollars is really similar to Swagbucks and offers cash by doing tasks from home. It can be as simple as filling out a survey, Inbox Dollars can be your ticket to cold hard cash for the holiday season. For signing up you receive $5 and each person that stays with Inbox Dollars from your referral link you will get 10% of their earnings. Thredup Thredup is a secondhand fashion resale website to find like new clothing for you and your family. Maternity clothing or clothes for kids you name it Thredup maybe the place to get it. When a friend joins Thredup, they get $10 to spend and you also receive $10 to shop on Thredup after they…

Business Events Calendar

A list of all the upcoming business events, telling you what every event is about and also where and when all the events are. The post Business Events Calendar appeared first on Small Business.

Why are you spending thousands on your office refit?

Office space – no, not the 90s movie – is a key part of running a business. If you get it right, a good space to work can help attract and retain staff, while keeping them happier. So how did one mortgage company, based in London, sort their presentation room for pennies rather than splurge The post Why are you spending thousands on your office refit? appeared first on Small Business.

Small business ahead on automation

Developments in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are taking root in the business world, marking the beginnings of what could be the most significant technological revolution since the invention of the internet in the 1980s. At a time when consumers expect a service that can be accessed conveniently and seamlessly at the touch of a The post Small business ahead on automation appeared first on Small Business.

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