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Tax Incentives for Businesses in Different Jurisdictions Across the World

Tax incentives are important for investors who wish to set up a company in a certain jurisdiction. The effectiveness of the incentive and/or tax deduction program, as well as the overall taxation regime, can be an important factor when choosing where to base the business. We take a look at the tax incentives for businesses in different jurisdictions across the world, starting with some of the EU countries with the lowest taxes and moving onto traditional tax havens like Belize. Tax incentives for investors in the EU Europe offers an attractive and unified market under the EU rules and countries like Germany, France or the Netherlands are known for their large internal markets or their business advantages. When choosing the right jurisdiction to base or expand a company in the EU, investors can and should also look at the available tax incentives for companies. Some of the EU countries with the lowest corporate income tax rates include Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland and Ireland, which is also one of the countries to offer some attractive tax credits and cash grants for companies. For example, investors in Ireland can benefit from R&D expenditure deductions, cash refunds and financial support depending on the research and development and innovation activities carried out by the company. Estonia is another EU country that offers a very attractive tax system. While there are no specific tax incentives that target certain activities, investors benefit from tax advantages regardless of the business field: the tax system in Estonia encourages the reinvestment of profits. Tax incentives in other locations Some countries offer an overall attractive tax regime and investors can think of the entire system as a type of tax incentive. Hong Kong offers a low and simple corporate income tax regime and has long been competing with Singapore as an Asia-Pacific location with considerable attractiveness for foreign investors. Entrepreneurs who are forming companies in Singapore benefit from cash grants and special tax deductions, including those that are referred to as a super deduction (in essence, an enhanced R&D deduction applicable in the field of science and technology for companies…

Top 50 Cities for Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs

There are 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day in the US, but that doesn’t mean they are all retiring. For those boomers with the entrepreneurial spirit, Lending Tree has identified the best places in the 50 largest metropolitan areas in the country especially suited for this demographic. Lending Tree generated a score for each city based on both average (mean) and median business incomes and percentage of new businesses founded by boomers. For the record, as it relates to this research, a baby boomer entrepreneur is someone born between 1946 and 1964 reporting they are self-employed and actively engaged in the workforce in 2016. And in the vast majority of cases, these are small business owners. Top Cities for Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs The city with the highest score was San Jose, which managed to get 93.6 out of a 100. According to the data, it had an average business income of $47,401 and the largest share of boomer business founders at 24.1%. San Francisco was second at 86.5. Lending Tree attributed the high score for the city because it has a great earning potential, which had an average business income of $45,505. Boston, Sacramento, Nashville rounded out the top five cities with $38,543, $37,314, and $35,251 respectively as well as 20.3, 19.3, and 19.1 percent of businesses founded by boomers. The bottom half of the top ten starts with Hartford, Conn. at number six, followed by Houston, Austin, Los Angeles, and Memphis at number seven, eight, nine, and ten. According to Shen Lu, who wrote the report on the Lending Tree site, boomers who work for themselves in these cities tend to earn more. Lu says, “They take home higher business incomes compared with their counterparts in other metro areas. Not only that, in these cities, the percentages of boomers who own their own businesses are also higher.” She goes on to say boomers can access resources from their age group in these cities and use the network to get advice and support as well as share experiences. The bottom 10 cities starts with Chicago at number 41 with…

Remote Jobs: Openings at Invisible Technologies

Who are we looking for? We’re not looking for employees. We’re not hiring you to do a job. We’re looking for warriors, we’re looking for generals, who want to own this company, fight for this company, lead this company, and make this company the greatest company of all time. Before we talk about whether you’re the right fit for a present need, we’re going to talk about whether you’re the right fit period. Becoming a partner is about being first, thinking second, and doing third. But you have to have all three. Prove to us that you have the spirit, and the mind, to do great things. Are you the chosen one? Pass the test. Note! Invisible receives a large number of applications and may not be able to respond to each one. We fill positions on a rolling basis. If you don’t get in this round, we may take you on the next ​ Link: submitted by /u/socrates_PH [link] [comments]

10 Tips for Creating Repeat Customers Like Amazon

Amazon has made a huge impact on the small business world — in both positive and negative ways. Entire industries have been uprooted by the ecommerce giant. But it has also given more than a million businesses in the U.S. a place to sell their wares. So it’s up to you to use the platform to your advantage — or at least to prevent it from putting you out of business. Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy: Find Your Superusers, Master the Forever Transaction, and Build Recurring Revenue, said in an email to Small Business Trends, “Many small business owners, both manufacturers and retailers, specialize in items that can’t be found elsewhere—strings for musical instruments or essential oils for example, but now Amazon provides access to a tremendous range of items. Some SBs have gone on the Amazon platform to sell these long-tail items, while others have lost business because Amazon is taking away that niche.” Creating Repeat Customers To Amazon-proof your business, you need to focus on creating relationships with customers and getting them to come back to your specific business, rather than just browsing Amazon again and again. Stay Off Amazon If Your Product Is Really Unique It’s rare. But there are still a few niches that Amazon has yet to disrupt. There’s probably something fairly similar to your offering on the site — but if customers are still willing to come to you for your specific spin on the product, you don’t need to use the site to find customers. Baxter says, “Small businesses with a truly unique offering might do well to stay off Amazon altogether, like Northface and Birkenstock already have.” Use It to Get Eyes on Your Products However, new businesses and those looking to gain some new fans could use the platform’s massive reach to your advantage. It just depends on your specific situation and goals. Baxter adds, “Amazon can be a great place to build awareness, if you are able to translate that awareness to direct engagement with your business.” Offer Limited Products If you choose to sell on Amazon,…

New Networking Service Called Alliances Manages Your Business Connections Using AI

There are now more ways to grow your business network than ever, which makes it that much harder to capitalize on each connection. Affinity’s Alliances is a relationship management solution which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to get the most out of your professional network. Affinity says Alliances will expand your business professional network while identifying the connections which are most likely ready for a warm introduction. The company uses a patent-pending relationship strength algorithm to give users insights into the best candidate for making referrals or introductions. If you are a small business owner with limited human resources, this is a technology which can optimize the contacts in your network. This is particularly important for owners with eCommerce doing business with suppliers and customers around the world. In a press release Affinity co-founder Ray Zhou says Alliances can help professionals source, raise capital, and close deals by unlocking the power of business networks. Zhou explains how the technology makes this possible. He goes on to say, “Unlike traditional networks, Alliances captures not only who your colleagues and peers know, but how well they know them, so you always know who’s in the best position to introduce you to a new contact or organization. With Alliances you can stop cross-checking social networks, your CRM system and other platforms hoping to stumble upon the right person to make an introduction.” ? The Technology Before Alliances was developed, Affinity was using its technology to bring the team within an organization together by leveraging each other’s relationship graph. Alliances uses machine learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to connect and analyze external contacts such as advisors, partners, investors or mentors. It then taps into their networks and accesses their connections to identify which one of them have the strongest relationships. Based on the tenor of the conversations in emails, the number of meetings, and other factors it will automatically show the connections with the strongest relationships to targeted prospects. You can then make a well-informed decision to identify opportunities for referrals and introductions. Features of Affinity Alliances Affinity analyzes relationship data in your…

It’s Time For That Important Meeting: Do You Know Where Your Files Are?

An organized mind creates organized output in any endeavor they become involved in. A well-organized business means an organized mind is running the show, and that’s the kind of business that reaches goals. It’s easy to keep your physical space organized, but in terms of financial success it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Particularly, your computer files and folders. Without an organized computer, a spotless office isn’t worth a hill of beans. What Files and Folders on an Organized Computer Look Like An organized computer contains files and folders named and arranged so users can easily find what they’re looking for. Most people hold this intention when saving files and creating folders, but it doesn’t last long. All too quickly, desktops become cluttered, download folders overflow, and undeleted installation files consume a large portion of hard drives. New folders are created when existing ones can’t be found, and files are named whatever seems convenient at the time. That doesn’t work when you have to bring specific files to a meeting or when you’ve got a team of employees who need to access files on your server. By naming your files the first thing that comes to your mind, you’re creating disorganization. Organizing Computer Files Starts with Order File organization starts with a naming convention. A naming convention is a predefined template or structure for naming your files. For example, if you create Microsoft Word documents regularly, you might save them with a file name that begins with the date of creation. If your documents contain information compiled from different events, you might save your files as “date+event name+document description.”  This allows your files to be grouped by date first and event second within the folder. With a naming convention in place, when you look at a list of file names, you’ll recognize them immediately and be able to find what you need. Using a naming convention makes all the difference in the world, as you can see in these examples published by RevEngine Marketing. Any naming convention you use should be based on how you’re most likely to search…

What is Prezi and Is it Right for Your Business?

They might be nerve-wracking and tensely-awaited but presentations are a vital and often unavoidable part of the business world. Quality, successful presentations can be the key to winning new clients, promoting brand appeal and ultimately growing a business. But how do businesses get crucial presentations right? Enter Prezi, a presentation tool that can be used as an alternative to traditional presentation programs, such as PowerPoint, which focuses predominantly on slides. What is Prezi? Rather than using slides, Prezi utilizes a large canvas on which users can zoom in and out to specific parts to emphasize text, visual content and ideas. As well as supporting text and images, the Prezi platform supports the use of video. For businesses that are new to Prezi, the program provides a collection of templates for users to choose from, so they can navigate the system with ease and get familiarized with the interface. With Prezi’s drag and drop interface, it is easy to create timelines to show historical references and chronological data. The canvas-based presentation tool makes it easy to create diagrams to show and highlight specific information and data. Nurturing Collaboration With co-editing and collaborative features, the Prezi platform supports real-time collaboration, enabling different members of your team to communicate with each other directly from their prezis, regardless of where they are located. With presentations stored in the cloud, different team members, employees and clients can have access to the presentations and open, edit or link to them from a single, shareable location. You can even integrate Prezi with Slack to enhance collaboration with the presentations and build a community channel designed to improve business productivity. Remote Presenting With more and more small business teams working from remote locations and communicating with colleagues, customers and clients via telecommunication methods, having a presentation platform that enables you to host remote presentations makes shrewd business sense. With the Prezi tool, you can hold remote presentations seamlessly, which can be presented and viewed in HD without having to use screen sharing software. Prezi Analytics One challenge of delivering business presentations is knowing how the performances have been received…

11 Best Things to Try When You Absolutely Hate Your Job

If you’ve ever found yourself saying to yourself or someone else, “I despise my job, what should I do?” then know you’re not alone. Almost everyone has had a job that they didn’t love. In fact, most people could probably say that they’ve had a job they hated. Some people just hate to work, period, […] The post 11 Best Things to Try When You Absolutely Hate Your Job appeared first on Make Money Online.

How Tokenization will Change the Face of Real Estate Investing Forever

The rise and subsequent leveling-off of all things crypto has luckily caused a little “cooling off” period. There was what many investment managers might call a bit of irrational exuberance… Read more » The post How Tokenization will Change the Face of Real Estate Investing Forever appeared first on

Tips on Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes

A lot of people do not realize that they need auto insurance until the time comes when they absolutely need it. You do not want to wait for this moment… Read more » The post Tips on Finding the Cheapest Auto Insurance Quotes appeared first on

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