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50 Places To Find Legit At-Home Customer Service Rep Jobs

When I left my office job to start working from home I was in the customer service/sales industry so it was only natural that my search focused on that type of work. The thing was back then, there weren’t many companies who offered work-from-home employment but things have changed over the past 10 years. Customer […] The post 50 Places To Find Legit At-Home Customer Service Rep Jobs appeared first on .

30 Fantastic Writer’s Conferences for Authors, Bloggers and Freelancers

Ready to connect with literary agents, editors and other writers at a writers conference? If you’re tired of learning about interesting opportunities just a little too late, bookmark this list of annual writers conferences for future planning, so you can join in on the mingling, learning and inspiration in years to come! General interest 1. Writer’s Digest Conference When: Annually in August Where: New York City The Writer’s Digest editors bring you this annual conference with resources for craft, career and creative inspiration. More than 50 agents and editors participate in the infamous Pitch Slam, and dozens of industry experts lead educational sessions. 2. San Francisco Writers Conference When: Annually in February Where: San Francisco, CA Held annually in February, this conference is a “celebration of craft, commerce and community.” Connect with industry experts, bestselling authors, agents, editors and leaders in both self-publishing and traditional publishing. 3. San Francisco Writing for Change Conference When: Annually in September Where: San Francisco, CA This annual one-day conference asks nonfiction writers, “Can your book change the world?” The conference brings together writers and industry experts to teach nonfiction writers about writing, publishing, marketing and technology. 4. Northern Colorado Writers Conference When: Annually in May Where: Fort Collins, CO The Northern Colorado Writers group provides support and encouragement to writers of all genres and levels through this annual conference, as well as through monthly meetings, classes and other networking and social events. The event typically has just 130 to 150 attendees, so you’ll get a more intimate experience. 5. Association of Writers and Writing Programs When: Annually in Spring Where: Various North American cities Each year, the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) hosts the Annual Conference & Bookfair in a different city. The event celebrates authors, teachers, students, writing programs, literary centers and publishers in the region hosting the conference. With more than 12 thousand writers and readers attending each year, AWP is the largest literary conference in North America. 6. Las Vegas Writers Conference When: Annually in spring Where: Las Vegas, NV Henderson Writers Group hosts this annual conference for writers.…

Fall Blogging Tips: 6 Tasks to Get Ready for Quarter 4!

Summer tends to be a slower time for many bloggers. Many bloggers take advantage of the flexibility to cut back on hours and enjoy the summer to the fullest. Many notice their audience gets quieter and traffic slows a bit naturally as well. That’s all about to change! I LOVE Quarter 4 as a blogger. […] The post Fall Blogging Tips: 6 Tasks to Get Ready for Quarter 4! appeared first on The Work at Home Wife.

17 Companies Hiring for Work From Home Jobs Now

Whether you’ve got an Airbnb overseas for the summer or you love working from the comfort of your couch, now’s your chance to start a job that will let you work from anywhere. These 17 companies — from Apple to Zapier — won’t constrict you to the 9-to-5 cubicle life, but will instead allow you to produce wherever you want. Plus, they have team activities, conferences, meetings and all the latest technology so you’ll feel connected to your colleagues and your boss. Break out of the conference room to work anywhere at any of these cool companies offering remote jobs. Forward Remote Jobs: Care Coordinator, Nurse Practitioner What Employees Say: “Forward is on course to truly change health care for the better, quickly. I work with many of the smartest, most motivated, most effective people I’ve come across, and I’m learning an incredible amount and cherishing the experience.” —Current Employee See Open Jobs ReSource Pro Remote Jobs: Client Executive, Sales Executive What Employees Say: “Extremely involved executives/upper-management. Don’t be surprised if you have a lot of 1:1 time with the CEO, COO and various VPs.” —Current Employee See Open Jobs Zapier Remote Jobs: Customer Champion, VP of Engineering, Product Engineer What Employees Say: “By being able to hire from around the world, it means that everyone on the team is excellent at their job. With the focus on remote-first work, we’re able to mitigate many of the potential risks.” —Current Employee See Open Jobs Remote Jobs: Full Stack Software Engineer, Real Voter Voices Full Stack Software Engineer, Finance Manager What Employees Say: “A workplace culture that emphasizes self-care and fully respects work/life balance. Remote working is nailed down with technology needs.” —Former Employee See Open Jobs “” InVisionApp Remote Jobs: Director of Strategic Sales, VP of Brand & Content, Product Marketing Manager, Business Development Representative, Senior Manager of Design Education, Editorial Director, Sales Compensation Analyst, Strategic Account Executive, Managing Editor of the InVision Blog, Recruiter, Content Project Manager & more What Employees Say: “Challenging, exciting work on an industry-defining product. Very good engineering tools and deployment processes. Working remote…

Apply These 8 Simple Techniques to Improve Retail Marketing

When running any kind of retail business, whether it’s online or brick and mortar, you need to have a retail marketing strategy in place to reach out to customers, drive traffic and make more sales. An effective retail marketing strategy is pivotal to a retail business’s success. If you’re a retail entrepreneur looking to expand your business by reaching out to and attracting new customers, take a look at the following retail marketing strategy tips for your small business. Retail Marketing Strategy Tips Manage Customer Reviews Consumers have long relied on the recommendations and advice of others before making purchases. Thanks to the ease of writing and reading online reviews, some 40% of Americans nearly always resort to online reviews before making purchasing decisions. Make online reviews part of your retail marketing strategy by responding to both negative and positive reviews in a timely manner, so that they act as an “in-the-moment” customer testimonial and help build trust and respect for your brand. Create Alluring Curb Appeal If you run a bricks and mortar store, regardless of what products you sell, make your shop look attractive on the outside to help draw people inside. You can improve the look of your store easily and without too much expense by making an attractive display in the window, laying out a welcome mat, placing hanging baskets around the door, and ensuring there are spaces for customers to park. The power of curb appeal shouldn’t be underestimated as part of your retail marketing strategy. Set Up a Customer Loyalty Program When executed correctly, loyalty programs can improve customer loyalty and retention with your brand. In fact, according to research by Nielsen, 84% of consumers are more likely to choose retailers that offer customer loyalty programs. Such programs needn’t be difficult or expensive to run. For example, if own a book shop, offer a point-based reward program that provides customers with points for each qualified purchase they make. Once the points reach a certain level, allow your customers to redeem them as bookstore gift cards. Get Active on Social Media Did you know a staggering 90% of consumers turn to social…

7 Reasons Why You and Your Team Should Track Your Hours

Guest Article Keeping track of hours on project teams is a challenge that hits every business. It is hard to measure progress with multiple projects going on, especially when the things get busy, to-do lists never end and you as the business owner are pulled in too many directions. If you and your team feel overwhelmed with daily work, the problem could be time management. How can you master such situations? Track your hours daily. So how do you improve your time-management practices to ensure you spend your hours on the right things? There is a great need to work smarter. You can optimize your business through the better use of time. Start with tracking your time. In its annual Wasting Time at Work Survey, reported that 89 percent of professionals waste time at work each day. Time tracking is important no matter the position in the company. It is a way to understand how everyone spends time. It lets you analyze the time spent on all daily activities. With the help of time tracking software it will be easier to study the biggest time suckers. Here are a few reasons why you should consider tracking hours in your business: Stay productive Many employees do not like the idea of tracking time of their work. They find it something negative that will judge their performance. But as managers you must be clear with everyone that time tracking is the best way to find any distractions that might be decreasing the productivity of the team. Keeping track of your time will also help you find out where your hours are really going. You will be surprised to see how the productivity of your day returns to peak. It keeps teams accountable Time tracking for a long time has been a smart business move. When the employees feel more accountable at work, it leads to a feeling of greater responsibility for their work. When polled, 91% of people stated that accountability is one of the most important things they would like to see in the workplace. When time is tracked, employees…

The Secret Behind Facebook Messenger Marketing, 5 Best Practices for Better ROI

While chatbot marketing in Facebook Messenger is a new marketing discipline, we aren’t executing campaigns in the Wild West. With Facebook Messenger marketing best practices in place, the reward is audience engagement to the tune of 80% engagement rates. Chatbots done well delight customers and streamline purchasing. If you think chatbots can help your business, there aren’t too many Messenger marketing playbooks available. When you’re looking for guidance and best practices in the uncharted territory of Facebook Messenger marketing, you can start here. Facebook Messenger Marketing Here are five rules for marketing on Facebook Messenger. 1. Using Facebook’s One-Free-Reply Rule What’s the One-Free-Reply Rule? When someone messages your chatbot, you’re allowed one free reply. If they, in turn, reply to your reply, they’re opting in to receive follow-up messaging from your business. Knowing this rule, a feature like a post comment autoresponder is useful. A Facebook post autoresponder automatically replies to comments on your post with an invitation that can help you grow your Messenger contact list. It works best to entice people to comment with your post. A riddle like this works great: After people comment on the post, our chatbot automatically replies with the following message: It’s a win-win: they get the answer, and we have a new contact added to our Facebook Messenger marketing list. 2. Introducing Yourself As with traditional email marketing, it’s best to remind people right off the bat who you are and why you’re contacting them. This can be done with a quick welcome message where you re-introduce yourself and confirm their interest in receiving messages. 3. Giving Users the Option to Unsubscribe Here’s another best practice from email marketing that applies to your Facebook Messenger marketing: Always end chats with a reminder that they can unsubscribe any time. There’s no actual rule from Facebook that you should do this, but it will save a lot of trouble. If someone doesn’t want to receive messages from your business and there’s no clear reminder that they can unsubscribe, they may choose to complain and report you to Facebook. Avoidable. Just a quick reminder that they can type UNSUBSCRIBE or STOP keeps communication flowing. 4. Using Facebook’s 24-1 Rule Once someone has opted…

Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Work from Home with Google

Who wouldn’t want to work with a company like Google? Google had a global revenue of $109.7 billion in 2017! It’s also one of the largest companies in the world and has been a household name for years. Google seems to have a hand in just about everything, from computers to smartphones to telling us […] The post Top 3 Legitimate Ways to Work from Home with Google appeared first on Make Money Online.

Is There a Religious Exemption for Employee Healthcare Coverage?

While most small businesses aren’t required to provide healthcare benefits to their employees, many choose to do so in order to attract and retain the best employees. However, even if you don’t need to offer health insurance to your employees, once you do, federal law prohibits you from discriminating in your health benefits coverage based on an employee or dependent’s gender, race, age, national origin, religion, or disability, and many states and local municipalities also prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. But what if some of the healthcare choices made by your employees conflict with your religious beliefs? Could you end up paying for care and procedures you don’t agree with? Or are there religious exemptions to your employees’ health care benefits? Closely Held, Sincerely Held In 2014, the Supreme Court ruled that, even under Obamacare, some employers were not required to provide post-conception contraception to employees. The decision was limited to “closely held corporations” which are each owned by a single person or family, whose “sincerely held religious beliefs” are opposed to certain types of contraception that they believe cause abortions, even though the Affordable Care Act contained a contraception mandate requiring employers’ healthcare plans to cover those costs. Given the Trump administration’s attacks on the ACA, coupled with its addition of Justice Neil Gorsuch and possible addition of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, many women’s rights groups are wondering whether that exemption could be extended to more corporations, companies, and small businesses, and LGBTQ groups wondering whether the rationale for denying certain contraceptive care could be extended to healthcare services for transgender employees. Pre-Existing Conditions and Rights Currently, the Affordable Care Act bans healthcare providers from considering being transgender as a pre-existing condition. Previously, transgender people could be denied health insurance simply because they were transgender. So, as it stands, employers who are required to provide health benefits to their employees can’t discriminate in coverage for LGTBQ employees, even for religious reasons. But that could all change, depending on new court cases and state statutes. To learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a…

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