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Best States by Business Credit Score

For a small business owner, a state with a high business credit score is a good indicator of how easy it is to get funding, hire workers, and get through periods of low cash flow because of the available credit. The second annual Business Credit Snapshot by State from Nav gives small business owners this important data to help make important decisions about how to operate and perhaps even where to locate your small business. 2018 Business Credit Snapshot by State In looking at the credit health of America’s small businesses, the Nav Business Credit Snapshot by State lets entrepreneurs know which states are performing well. If a business owner is looking to expand or move, the data can be one more factor in making an informed decision. And this includes considering last year’s results. Using the Experian Intelliscore Plus scale of 0 to 100, Hawaii had the best score with 54.6. Rounding out the top five states are Washington with 52.6, Illinois with 50.0, Oregon with 49.7 and West Virginia with 49.4. States with the lowest credit rating included Alaska at 38.7, Kansas at 39.7, Indiana at 40.0, Maine at 40.7 and Rhode Island at 41.3. The report notes there is only a 16 point difference between the top and bottom spots. This is because there is a narrow range of business credit from 0 to 100, unlike the hundreds of points on personal credit scores. By highlighting the value of this data in the report, Nav said, “A number of surveys look at consumer credit scores, but there’s much less information available on the credit health of America’s small businesses. Both personal and business credit scores can impact a business owner’s ability to get approved for business credit cards, loans and trade credit.” The data by Nav was compiled by generating average business credit scores. Nav looked  Experian’s Intelliscore Plus business credit score from 15,478 of its small business customers and grouped each credit score by state and it averaged each business’s’ credit in each state. For the consumer credit score, it sourced the data from Experian’s 2017 State…

We Got Stung: Must-Know Info for Bloggers Who Offer Reprints

Have you ever wondered if you could sell reprints of your blog posts and make some extra cash? You know, get the posts you’ve written for your personal blog republished somewhere else. If so, my blog editor Evan Jensen and I have a cautionary tale for you. Many bloggers seem to believe publishing a post on their own blog — or even on a free platform such as LinkedIn Pulse or Medium — doesn’t ‘count’ as publication. And that they could still get paid selling first publication rights to these posts. Sometimes, writers don’t even feel they need to disclose the work was previously published. This can result in an awkward mess, when the blog or publication you resold your work to figures out they’ve gotten recycled goods. I know, because this blog recently and inadvertently accepted previously published content. As the queen says, we were not amused. Here’s the story of what happened, and how my guest-posting policy is changing as a result. I’ve also got some important tips for bloggers considering trying to sell reprints. It begins with lists Here at Make a Living Writing, we’ve learned one of the most popular types of posts we can offer are lists of paying markets. I mean, obviously — help writers find some paying gigs, hello! We also found they were tough posts to get written. We pay $75-$150 for these sort of research-based posts, but were having a hard time finding writers we could trust to do the research and bring us up-to-date, fresh listings. Then one day, Evan got an email from a blogger with experience writing market-list posts. She sent in a list of her blog’s previously published posts, and asked if we’d like to reprint one of them. Here’s Evan’s response: Assignment gets a green light. The writer agreed to write us a fresh post. Thinking he’d given a clear edict to research and write us a fresh, new post on the same topic, Evan gave the green light for the writer to move forward on this assignment. Note: This relationship would grow to encompass three list posts.…

Weekend Favs March 31

Weekend Favs March 31 written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing My weekend blog post routine includes posting links to a handful of tools or great content I ran across during the week. I don’t go into depth about the finds, but encourage you to check them out if they sound interesting. The photo in the post is a favorite for the week from an online source or one that I took out there on the road. Mobile SEO: The Definitive Guide from Backlinko – This new guide will show you everything you need to know about mobile SEO and why mobile optimization is more important than ever. Automagical – Automagical enables you to quickly turn blog posts into engaging marketing videos. Paste – Beautiful slides for fast teams. Paste makes slides simple so you can focus on content and collaboration. These are my weekend favs, I would love to hear about some of yours – Tweet me @ducttape

Transcript of Does Everybody Need to Write a Book to Be Successful?

Transcript of Does Everybody Need to Write a Book to Be Successful? written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Back to Podcast Transcript John Jantsch: Hello, and welcome to another episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. This is John Jantsch, and my guest today is Tucker Max. He’s the co-founder at Book in a Box and a four-time New York Times bestselling author. We’re going to talk about books today, so Tucker, thanks for joining me. Tucker Max: Thanks, man. Thanks for having me, brother. John Jantsch: I’m just going to totally throw you up the softball question. What is Book in a Box? Tucker Max: I’ll answer that. It’s a company that I started a long with Zach Obront, but I’ll answer that by telling a story, the origin story, which is pretty quick and really is indicative of what we do. I was at an entrepreneurial dinner and this woman said, “People have been asking me to write a book for 10 years, and it’s a huge pain in the butt. I don’t know how to do it and I don’t have time. How can I get this book out of my head without having to do the normal process?” Tucker Max: So I looked at her, and I’m like, “Are you asking me how to write a book without writing it?” She’s like, “Yeah,” so of course being this snobby elitist writer that I am, I started lecturing her about hard work, and all the nonsense that all the writer elites always say. She stopped me and she’s like, “Tucker, is this an entrepreneurial dinner or a writer dinner?” I said, “It’s an entrepreneurial dinner.” She’s like, “Okay, so if you’re an entrepreneur,” she’s like, “I don’t think you’re an entrepreneur because an actual entrepreneur would help me solve my problem and not lecture me about hard work.” Tucker Max: I got all mad at her, but she was 100% right. So, I got obsessed with this idea. How do I get a book out of someone’s head, their ideas and their words…

Hospitality Industry Professionals: 8 Reasons to Elevate Your Customer Service Levels

The hospitality industry is very broad, offering customers endless options in 2018 and beyond. It’s also arguably the most competitive industry on the plane — being at the center of… Read more » The post Hospitality Industry Professionals: 8 Reasons to Elevate Your Customer Service Levels appeared first on

6 Metrics You Can Track to Get More Sales While Spending Less

Metrics, tracking, analytics … these are terms and practices business professionals are probably all too familiar with — and for good reason! By measuring key sales metrics, business owners can more reliably predict sales performance and can keep sales-related costs in check. Sales, leads and profit margins are tracked by nearly every business owner, but lesser-used metrics can potentially be just as important. Key Sales Metrics This article bypass some of the more common sales metrics in favor of six less commonly used — but just as valuable — calculations. 1. Customer Acquisition Cost This is a metric that’s often neglected, despite the fact that it gives business owners deep insight into how much of their budget to allocate to lead generation and sales. Think about it. If you know exactly how much you need to spend in order to make a sale (and you stick to this amount), you never have to worry whether you’re overspending when it comes to lead-acquisition and sales. Tracking your CAC will also help you accurately calculate the resulting return on investment (ROI) of acquisition. As your business grows, you may find your CAC increases (and so your ROI decreases), but this isn’t a reason to panic. It may mean increased competition in your industry, increased advertising costs or simply that your current methods of attracting and acquiring clients are no longer optimal. In any case, staying on top of your CAC will allow you to monitor how much you’re spending on customer acquisition, and to adjust your strategies if necessary. Your CAC will typically include a portion of all your variable expenses such as: Marketing or advertising costs, Administrative costs, Sales and marketing salaries and wages, Research costs. The amount of time your sales staff spends conducting phone and email correspondence with new leads can help determine real costs associated with each acquisition. You can use a tool like EmailAnalytics to visualize email analytics data for these purposes. For maximum impact, you’ll want to assess your CAC in relation to another important metric: the lifetime value of a customer (LVC). 2. Lifetime Value…

Does Everybody Need to Write a Book to Be Successful?

Does Everybody Need to Write a Book to Be Successful? written by John Jantsch read more at Duct Tape Marketing Marketing Podcast with Tucker Max Podcast Transcript My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Tucker Max. He is the co-founder of Book In A Box, a company that turns ideas into books, and four-time, New York Times Bestselling Author. He and I discuss writing books and how they impact your business. Max’s own books have sold millions of copies, have been translated into over 30 languages, and are credited with creating of the literary genre “fratire.” A movie was made about his life in which he co-wrote the screenplay, and also produced the movie. In 2009, Max was nominated to the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential List. Questions I ask Tucker Max: Does everybody need to write a book? Has it become the new calling card? Is there a process to get people’s thoughts organized to write a book? What are some tips on getting books to sell? What you’ll learn if you give a listen: How to guide people on the right path to writing a book Why writing a book for a niche audience can be so important How books are distributed and sold when they’re self-published Key takeaways from the episode and more about Tucker Max: Learn more about Book In A Box. Follow on Twitter. Connect on Facebook. Connect on LinkedIn. Like this show? Click on over and give us a review on iTunes, please!

GlobalShipped Helps Your Ecommerce Business Fulfill Orders in More than 120 Countries

A new Shopify app called GlobalShipped allows US-based ecommerce merchants using the Shopify platform to fulfill orders  internationally from their stores. The app was developed by USendHome and makes satisfying customers in many different companies a bit easier. GlobalShipped App for Shopify With GlobalShipped, you no longer have to say “US buyers only” for the products you sell on your Shopify store. By simplifying the shipping process, the app has opened more markets to small businesses in the US. These small businesses can now easily ship to  more than 120 countries using the app. If your small business has an ecommerce platform, you already know customers from around the world can purchase your products. But shipping continues to be more labor-intensive than it has to be for international customers, which is one of the reasons many sites decline from shipping internationally. How Does it Work? The solution USendHome provides through its GlobalShipped app is basically a package forwarding service. The app is made available to shipping process merchants for free. The customer pays for the service they select to get their packages shipped outside the U.S. When a customer is ready to check out, they are given the package forwarding address from your store. The new address automatically becomes the shipping address, allowing for a fast checkout when these customers make future purchases. The shipping rate is based on size and weight, making it possible to send multiple items in one shipment and save the customer money. Customers can even purchase shipping insurance and they also have the option of using return services. The company says it has competitive shipping prices based on the discounted rates it has negotiated with FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL, and Aramex. The app provides consolidated shipping of all the purchases made on your site. Whether customers buy only from you or from other online merchants too, the orders will be consolidated into one shipment. And once they are shipped, the automated package tracking system keeps the customer updated without having to check manually. Pricing The pricing for the new service is straightforward. There are no…

Legit Work from Homes Jobs That Provide Equipment

When you are looking to find jobs that allow you to work from home but don’t have the necessary equipment, don’t despair. There are plenty of companies that will provide you with the various types of equipment that you will need to get the job done. The problem though is – who does this? A […] The post Legit Work from Homes Jobs That Provide Equipment appeared first on The Work at Home Wife.

Micro Jobs: Easy Cash for Completing Simple Short Tasks

Let’s face it. We’re all tired after working all day (whether your work is paid or not, am I right moms?). The idea of working another job isn’t always something we want. Having some extra money, though, that’s always nice! So when you’re feeling brain-drained and the last thing you want to do is go […] The post Micro Jobs: Easy Cash for Completing Simple Short Tasks appeared first on The Work at Home Wife.

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