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4 Proven Ways to Get Massive Blog Traffic

One of the hardest tasks for new and seasoned bloggers is often getting more traffic to their site. No one wants to write blog posts that no one reads. More… The post 4 Proven Ways to Get Massive Blog Traffic appeared first on Dream Home Based Work. Powered by WPeMatico

Work at Home: Chegg Hiring Online Tutors

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms Chegg is seeking online work at home tutors. These are contract home-based jobs available anywhere in the U.S. You set your own schedule in this work at home position. The pay is competitive at $20.00+ per hour. Top tutors can earn more than $1,000.00 a month! From the company: “With the school year starting back […] The post Work at Home: Chegg Hiring Online Tutors appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Work at Home Online Tutor Jobs with MathWizTutors Work at Home: Brainfuse Online Tutoring Jobs Work at Home Online Tutor Jobs with eTutorsZone   Powered by WPeMatico

Freelance Marketing Famine? 4 Ways to Find Hungry Clients

When I first started out as a freelance content writer, I almost didn’t make it. My lack of freelance marketing focus was largely to blame. But there were other reasons I nearly starved, too. I quit my day job before I had steady clients. My portfolio was slim. And my savings? Ahem, what savings? I also had bad habits. I squandered way too much of my time on freelance marketing strategies that didn’t work. If you’re nodding your head, I totally understand. Fortunately, I realized that if I was going to survive, I needed a better freelance marketing menu of strategies to find clients that were already hungry and ready to hire me. Worried about how you’re going to find great clients? I know I was. To turn my freelance marketing famine around, I had to figure out better ways to reach out and make connections. These four tactics will help you find clients eager to throw you some work: 1. Find low-hanging fruit Carol’s advice for newbies is the best I’ve seen. She says to try for “low-hanging fruit.” Note, this does not mean writing for shady content mills. It means taking an honest look at yourself, and asking: “What level of experience do I have?”, “What expertise can I offer?”, “What I am I interested in?” These questions will point you toward companies that are ready for you. And, once you distill your answers into a succinct paragraph— you suddenly have a compelling pitch for your services. Here’s how my pitch went: I come from a medical sales background. Spent a lot of time roving hospital floors and scrubbing in for surgeries. These days I help hospitals, nonprofits, and manufacturers talk to their patients, donors, and customers. It doesn’t look like much, does it? Just a few sentences. But when you point those sentences at the right person, the results can be magical. I used that passage, verbatim, to land two clients through LinkedIn. One of them awarded me a contract worth $20,000. All thanks to the low-hanging fruit strategy! 2. Look in your own  backyard When I…

9 Things I Have Learned As A YouTube Beginner

Apparently, I was thinking ahead enough to start a YouTube channel shortly after I became a blogger – YouTube says I joined March 2010. I was just never smart enough to do anything with it. Sure. I would upload a screenshot tutorial or webinar I did with an online friend once or twice per year, […] The post 9 Things I Have Learned As A YouTube Beginner appeared first on The Work at Home Wife. Powered by WPeMatico

12 Ways to Make Money from Your Love of Music

Making a living with what you love is living the dream, right? Absolutely! But what if you love music – and you can’t necessarily make it? Are you doomed to misery in uninspired jobs, working for the weekends when you can dance the night away? NO! There are so many ways to make money from […] The post 12 Ways to Make Money from Your Love of Music appeared first on The Work at Home Wife. Powered by WPeMatico

Work at Home Client Experience Associate Jobs with Full Creative

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms Full Creative is seeking work at home client experience associates in Idaho, Texas, North Carolina, Utah, Montana, Florida, and Virginia. In this home-based receptionist position, you will be answering phone calls and providing customer service from the comfort of your own home. This is a full-time work at home position that requires you work at […] The post Work at Home Client Experience Associate Jobs with Full Creative appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Home-Based Appeals and Grievance Coordinator Jobs with Broadpath Work at Home Customer Service Jobs with Enterprise Home-Based Teacher Success Advocate Job with Mystery Science   Powered by WPeMatico

8 Free Work at Home Courses and Resources You Don’t Want to Miss!

Work at Home Mom Revolution – Work at Home Jobs for Moms I’ve created this list of free work at home courses and resources because I’ve received a lot of emails recently from people curious about getting started in a home-based career, and I know, from personal experience, it’s difficult to know where to start! Some of these resources are free lists of ideas for a particular […] The post 8 Free Work at Home Courses and Resources You Don’t Want to Miss! appeared first on Work at Home Mom Revolution.             Related Stories Top 100 Companies with Work at Home Jobs for 2018 Become a Pinterest VA Facebook Q & A: 5 Top Questions Food Blogger Pro: Start Your Own Money-Making Food Blog   Powered by WPeMatico

Secrets of Being 100% Honest and Dependable as a Blogger (While Still Loving Yourself and Your Work)

Do you want to be known as a freelance blogger with integrity? Are you committed to all that “integrity” implies? It’s not just about never telling a lie, or being straightforward with your clients, or even finishing everything by deadline. What “Integrity” Really Means Word-wise, “integrity” comes from the Latin integritatem or integritas, which meant “soundness,” “wholeness,” “completeness,” “purity,” “correctness,” and/or “blamelessness.” So maintaining integrity as a blogger means being thorough in your writing and editing—and that doesn’t just mean “thoroughly” getting rid of typos. The online world is full of blog posts that are perfectly spelled, grammatically flawless—and achingly dull or incomprehensibly confusing. Integrity of thoroughness—making a post complete and whole—includes: Putting in all needed information. Many a how-to post, especially those featuring crafts or recipes, draws complaints of poor results because the writer left out a step he thought went without saying. Organizing the text to flow smoothly. This means tying paragraphs together with transitional words and sentences (“however,” “also,” “speaking of”) rather than jumping scattershot from one idea to the next. Smooth flow also means keeping the whole piece in logical order; even if it isn’t chronological or step-by-step, the ideas to be presented will always fall into natural groups. Getting rid of technically correct but unnecessary words. This typically includes most adjectives and adverbs; the word “very”; most forms of “be”; and overly generic words that could be interpreted differently by different readers. Any amateur can write “very big” or “ran fast,” but using enormous and sprinted makes for smoother reading plus a clearer mental picture. Got that? Okay, let’s look at a few situations where integrity does center on honesty. Being Honest With Your Clients You probably wouldn’t think of deliberately telling a total untruth to a client. However, few of us are so honest as to be incapable of “bending the truth,” especially when the alternative might cost us opportunity or pride. Are you in the habit of automatically replying “Sure” to the first deadline or price the client proposes, regardless of how convenient you find it? Do you say you “don’t mind” doing…

5 Years of Be a Freelance Blogger [Thank You!]

Today, Be a Freelance Blogger is five years old. 5 years! Bring on the “wow” emoji! You know what was the hardest thing about starting this blog? It wasn’t the technology, or the content strategy, or the audience-building. The hardest part was coming up with the damn name. Seriously. I needed a name that made it clear what my blog was about: Freelance. Blogging.  Not freelance writing of any other kind, not personal blogging to push your own message or pro blogging for ad revenue and sponsorship money. Plus I didn’t want it to sound like a content mill, or like a place to hire freelancers. I wanted people to know from the name alone that this is the place to learn how to be a freelance blogger. I made a huge list of potential names, and they all sucked at least a little bit. I’m pretty sure when I told Jon Morrow (my coach while I launched this blog) that the best name I had after two weeks of brainstorming and thesaurus abuse was “Be a Freelance Blogger”… … yep, I’m pretty sure he was stunned into silence for a moment by my lack of originality. Would people even be able to remember a name like that? Well, the answer is YES – most people remember it just fine, but also NO – because we still occasionally get emails addressed to “Dear Become a Freelance Blogger.” (Hey, it’s close enough; come on in. In a little while, I’m gonna tell you how you can win a prize…) So I’ve been looking back over what we’ve done with the last five years, and I came up with a whole bunch of fun facts and accomplishments. The glorious first 5 years of Be a Freelance Blogger, in numbers Let’s start with who wrote what: 258 posts published That’s one post per week on average. Not bad for a couple of part-timers who have real freelance writing jobs to do! 128 contributors We’ve had guest bloggers from all kinds of backgrounds, including lawyers, singer/songwriters, accountants, comedians, stay-at-home parents, and free range parents.…

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