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The Problem With Only Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

In recent year’s a new crop of entrepreneur/freelancer/coaches have risen off the back of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These people use the tools to distribute their knowledge and thus attract clients. You share some pictures, write short updates, do live videos, and eventually, a few people… The post The Problem With Only Using Social Media To Grow Your Business appeared first on Powered by WPeMatico

Using away days to create a culture of play

A sense of community is important in a business – whether you’re a small start-up or a huge multinational enterprise. Having fun as a team is a great way of creating that feeling. Jeanne Tsan, head of HR at WeWork Europe and Israel, explores what makes a great team away day. Away days have often been tarnished with a bad name, with awkward team building exercises in the middle of a field being the first image that springs to mind. Yet the real focus should be on shared experiences and creating a sense of community – regardless of whether your business is 30 or 3,000 people, if you can create that feeling of community, then you’re on track for a great away day. At WeWork, we pride ourselves on our sense of community, whether you are a freelancer or a fortune 500 company, which is why we host our annual Summer Camp, where we invite all members from around the world to a festival-esque getaway – creating a space where they can simply have a break. It’s a chance to catch-up and make new relationships with people from all over the world. From speaker events to outdoor activities, it’s an opportunity for teams to build their sense of community. Organising an away day shouldn’t be viewed as chore, so these are our five tips to create the ultimate away day experience: Decide what you want to achieve Before you start booking venues and planning activities, think about what you want to achieve. It’s a big undertaking to have your entire team together, so take time to decide what the purpose is. Do you want the team to become closer? Organise a relaxing break? Or challenge them to do something different? Once you have agreed this, the logistics will follow. wework-slackline.png Image from WeWork It doesn’t just have to be a “day” One of the biggest misconception of an ‘away day’ is that it should be limited to a day. Don’t constrain your away day by what you think it should be, create something that’s unique to you and your business and…

How using the f-word can make you happier

What would you say if someone told you the F-word had the power to change business? By just saying ‘f**k it’, you could alter your brain activity, bring some positive energy into your company and possibly bag yourself a happier and more fulfilling career? Believe it or not, the F**k It philosophy is actually a thing. It’s a way of thinking that is taking professionals by storm, and it’s all down to a man called John C Parkin, author of the F**k It books. In fact, the man behind this cussing movement, has not only created a ground-breaking series of motivational self-help guides based on Eastern Buddhist and Taoist principles. He has used the F-word as the foundation for the very successful F**k It Retreats in Italy and claims that by using this profanity more, it has the power to bring more playfulness and lightness into both our personal and professional lives. Intrigued? If you want to join the movement, just say F**k it and according to the F**k it followers (who, by the way, are known as fuckateers), your life will change. Here’s how. o_002415_2012-12-14-181130_e-kitap-arsivi.jpg Image from Eff It Helps Saying f**k it stops you sweating the small stuff “The problem that too many of us have in our lives is that too much matters,” says John. “It matters that I’m doing well, it matters that my body looks a certain way, and it matters that I’ve achieved certain things in my career. But saying ‘fuck it’ releases things there and then. “Often, we carry this into the workplace, where too many things matter, and we are all worrying about too many things which actually, doesn’t always have the best outcome for a workplace and its employees. “If we say ‘fuck it’, we actually relax more, stop taking ourselves too seriously and bring a bit more playfulness into a business.” Read: Payal Kadakia on making play everyday Saying f**k it disrupts your brain activity from right to left thinking “The concept of the right and left brain is something [that scientists] have been talking about for years,” says John,…

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