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5 Essential Qualities of Any Successful Entrepreneur

What determines the successes and failures of businesses? Maybe it’s the entrepreneurs working and guiding it on the path to prosperity. Have we thought about what are the main cornerstones… Read more » The post 5 Essential Qualities of Any Successful Entrepreneur appeared first on Powered by WPeMatico

Do This One Thing If You Want to Write a Successful Blog

You know that feeling when you write a blog post you think is brilliant, but when you hit publish, all you hear is crickets? Most bloggers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs with business blogs have struggled at one point or another to get an audience to show up and engage. So what’s going wrong? Most people with this all-I-hear-is-crickets problem make one simple but fatal mistake: They focus on their solution rather than on their audience’s problem. The one thing you must do to write a successful blog is obsess over your audience, not yourself! When you can put the focus on your audience and write content that addresses their pain points, desires, fears, wants, needs, and problems, you’ll create content that’s compelling and attracts readership. Get to know your audience. You first need to define your ideal blog reader, which means answering some questions that will help you put together a comprehensive description of your target customer. Try to go into detail and write down the main characteristics of your persona, such as: Age Job Favorite social channels Hobbies Favorite TV show Location Gender Marital status You can use your imagination and your empathy to answer these questions. But you should also leverage available technology to dig into some highly accurate specific details on your audience. Alexa is one tool you can use to get quick demographic reports on the audiences of any website, if you know the kind of blogs that already attract the audience you want to get in front of. SimilarWeb will also give you data on web traffic for any site to help round out your research on the demographics of your audience. And, of course, you can also get the answers straight from the horses’ mouths. Do modern market research for your blog. That’s right: The best way to know your audience – and what kind of content would actually get them to show up and read your blog – is to simply ask them. Now, that can be easier said than done for a few reasons: People may not respond to you if you ask…

Successful business ideas are really just problems that need solutions.

If you’re paying attention, there are problems ready to be exploited all over the place. You just need to be tuned in and listening to the right words and phrases around you. When you tune in and pay attention, you realize there are 1000s of million dollar business ideas all around you. Most big million dollar ideas today are not breakthrough inventions. Yes, this is what we hear about most in the media but in reality, most million dollar businesses have taken existing ideas or products and made them better or just different. Here are some examples of billion dollar businesses that jumped in and executed on an existing idea. Facebook was not the 1st social network Google was not the 1st search engine Telsa was not the 1st electric car Netflix was not the 1st movie rental company 1-800 got junk was not the 1st garbage disposal company You get the idea. You don’t need to invent something brand new to start and build a million dollar business, you just need to take an idea and execute on it better or just different than others. The hard truth is that it really all comes down to execution. If you can you execute better than the existing competition and market and distribute it better, you win. There are plenty of ideas out there for products that can make you millions of dollars. Where to find the good ideas Some people have a problem with too many ideas, while others have a problem of not enough or just not the right one. If you’re trying to find an idea for a business, the best place to start is with other people’s problems and complaints. find a problem than many people are experiencing and then create something that solves it for them. Here are 4 types of complaints to listen and look for. Complaints of change Complaints of expectations Complaints of fraud Complaints of boredom Complaints are problems looking for solutions. Listen to people, read the news and blogs and you will see problems everywhere. Pay attention to these terms: I hate……

Peter Diamandis’s 9 Rules For Building A Successful Business

Dr. Peter Diamandis (@PeterDiamandis) has been named one of “The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders” by Fortune magazine. In the field of innovation, Diamandis is Chairman and CEO of the XPRIZE Foundation, best known for its $10 million Ansari XPRIZE for private spaceflight. Today the XPRIZE leads the world in designing and operating large-scale global competitions to solve market failures. Peter has been a guest on the podcast twice (once with Tony Robbins, and again solo), and in this guest post, he shares information he’s never discussed before. Specifically, Diamandis looks back at his XPRIZE experience and the strategic decisions that allowed the foundation to become a success. Peter knows how to think and play big, and he can show you how to do the same. Enjoy! Enter Peter The XPRIZE – which launched the private spaceflight industry – was an “overnight success” after 10 years of hard work. During those 10 years, I recorded a number of “go-to” lessons that I learned and used over and over to help me succeed. In all, I came up with a list of 28 of those lessons, and they became known as “Peter’s Laws.” But 9 of them are my favorite, and in this post, I’ll outline them and detail the key takeaways. If you want to learn about all of the lessons, they are highlighted in the book, How To Make A Spaceship, written by Julian Guthrie, with a foreword by Richard Branson and an afterword by Steven Hawking. One thing is clear from my XPRIZE story: attitude is the ball game. Mindset matters. It’s everything. It might be cliché, but whether you think you can or you can’t—well, you’re right. Your mindset is more important than anything.  It’s even more important than technology or income. I hope that these will clarify your vision and be useful to you. Rule #1: When given a choice…take both! Society teaches us that when you’re given a choice, you have to choose one. Why? Why do you have to choose? But you should be asking, “Why choose?” All throughout graduate school, I was told, “Go to school…

8 Successful People Who Can Change Your Life Course in 2018

It’s been said that who you spend your time with is a direct reflection of who you are. So if you’re looking to be successful, you’ll want to surround yourself with successful people. Having a local mentor is effective, but not always easy to find. The group of successful people on this list have built […] The post 8 Successful People Who Can Change Your Life Course in 2018 appeared first on StartUp Mindset. Powered by WPeMatico

5 Tips for Opening a Successful Restaurant

1. Train your staff properly One of the most important influences on a customer’s experience at your restaurant will be the staff. In order to remain in business, you must ensure that your staff is educated at the industry standard or above. Have your staff complete essential training, like the TBAC Certification Program and develop modules to train your staff on basic customer service, food safety, and how to succeed as a team. 2. Have a cohesive brand image Create an easily-recognizable brand and make it simple for your guests to understand your restaurant’s personality and identity. Develop a brand […] Powered by WPeMatico

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