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Please please please don’t quit today :)

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Please help me clear my thoughts up?

Starting from the age of around 9 or 10, I had been obsessed with both hacking and the tech industry of the time (mostly Apple and Steve Jobs). From there I decided to build my own computer and install Mac OS on it since the Apple computers I’d need to program iOS apps were very expensive for us. Simultaneously, I’d build things for fun (built websites for pretend companies, emulated anything I couldn’t afford, drafted up app ideas, and maybe not so related was when I built a hologram projector during a Yugioh obsession. Once I got to middle school, I surprisingly got on a nationally-ranked science competition team and put a lot of time into that mostly because I got in. Only recently have I realized that’s not what I really want to do, and what I had a passion for before is what I want to convert my mindset back to. Frankly, I’m finding it hard to do that and I don’t feel nearly as innovative as used to be. I’m asking to know what some of the things you’ve built are, and maybe what some of your other interests are related to startups. I’m mentally mixed up as to whether 1) I’m just in a negative period emotionally or 2) I need some sort of jumpstart to get me going, as I’m nowhere near as passionate and obsessed about this as I used to be. I know it can’t be that this kind of stuff doesn’t interest me anymore because the time I tried building startup-type stuff throughout the past year had been very stimulating. Thanks a lot for any help with this. submitted by /u/veilerdude [link] [comments] Powered by WPeMatico

Can we please stop fetishizing ‘entrepreneurship’?

I don’t know when calling ones self an ‘entrepreneur’ became a thing… But it’s gotten to the point where the word ‘entrepreneur’ used in common conversation has become a pretty massive red flag for me. I know exactly zero successful people who think of themselves in this way. The restaurant people think of themselves as restaurant people, the trucking people think of themselves as trucking people, and on it goes. There’s a real perception out there right now that starting a business without any real industry knowledge is a viable route. It isn’t, and it never was… And in fact is a really good way to light your personal savings on fire. All in the name of being an ‘entrepreneur’. I’m not telling anyone out there to NOT open a business necessarily, but if you’ve never worked in a similar business it’s probably a terrible idea. Don’t try to start software companies without understanding software (which 99% of the time means being able to do the coding yourself), don’t try to open a restaurant without at least a couple of years of successfully running someone elses restaurant, etc. Even the ‘serial entrepreneur’ people I know are really strong business people who had skills before they even considered opening their own operation. We need to be very clear with people about how ‘entrepreneurship’ isn’t an entry level job. Because it isn’t. It’s for people who want to cut their boss out and keep all the money, not for people who have never held a real job. Opening a business is for when you’re the real no-bullshit deal and you want to get paid accordingly. It’s not a shortcut. Every overnight success any of you are thinking of was years in the making. EDIT: I should be really clear… If you can sell almost any business is a viable possibility for you. You’ll be looking at the business from the perspective of ‘I could sell that…’ and that’s a very solid way to pick out businesses. It is definitely not what I’m trying to talk about. I’m mostly talking about people who…

You’re a genius. Please believe in your talent.

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