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A Guide To Dealing With Difficult People

We’ve all been there. Be it work, school or Thanksgiving dinner, we’ve all found ourselves in situations where we have been forced to interact with people we find to be “difficult”. Powered by WPeMatico

5 Keys to Writing Engaging Email Content that People Will Actually Read

Every day, many of us receive promotional emails from businesses that we have interacted with or purchased from. The vast majority of these emails go unread, and lists become unsubscribed. This article will look at the benefits of email marketing, and how startups can write engaging email content that drives sales rather than sitting in […] The post 5 Keys to Writing Engaging Email Content that People Will Actually Read appeared first on StartUp Mindset. Powered by WPeMatico

Are ‘playful’ people more productive?

What would make you more productive; the incentive of a large bonus, the ability to work remotely, more responsibility or, perhaps, the freedom to engage your playful side in the workplace? In this article you will learn: The impact of play on a business. How ‘playing’ in the office can benefit health and wellbeing. The approach of different generations to play at work. Most of us, it’s fair to assume, would like to be more productive. However given a choice of the above how many of us would opt for the chance to play games in the office over more money or the ability to work remotely? While the sight of bean bags, an Xbox and table football in a workspace might result in eye rolls, research tells us that building in these distractions is doing much more than simply pandering to a start-up culture trend. gettyimages-497678788.jpg Image credit: Getty images How much do Millennials and Baby Boomers value fun? That said, it’s important to note that by 2025 almost three quarters of the workforce in the UK and US will be made up of millennials – a generation (typically born between 1981 and 1996) of office based workers who are clearly now accustomed to playful workplace perks. The It Pays to Play report from BrightHR underlines the fact that among this generation there is a collective agreement that this is the right way for businesses to operate, with 79 per cent believing it’s important to have fun at work and 44 per cent of the belief that this encourages a better work ethic. This is in stark contrast to Baby Boomers, those employees born between 1946 and the mid-60s, with a little over half that generation (56 per cent) believing fun at work is important and just 14 per cent drawing a link between play and productivity. “Work is no longer about getting the job done and then going home for your fun – younger generations want to enjoy their work too,” commented Professor Sir Cary Cooper, who worked on the study. gettyimages-709127797.jpg Image credit: Getty images “It could be…

Does anyone else feel uncomfortable talking about your business to people you don’t know?

Before I ever owned a business a never thought this would be an issue. Even in the process of building my business I was eager to talk about it, but whenever the chance arose or the question of what I do came up, I completely avoided it. Today I was making small talk with someone who worked in a local shop and they asked me what I do. I immediately felt slightly uncomfortable about telling them. I’m incredibly proud of what I do and what I’ve achieved and I am very ambitious about the future… but I really hate to sound pretentious in anyway, and I feel like by talking about my business that I do. They seemed quite interested in the business and specifically asked my business name/how to find it and I didn’t like this either. I can’t even fully understand why. submitted by /u/holdthebabyy [link] [comments] Powered by WPeMatico

8 Successful People Who Can Change Your Life Course in 2018

It’s been said that who you spend your time with is a direct reflection of who you are. So if you’re looking to be successful, you’ll want to surround yourself with successful people. Having a local mentor is effective, but not always easy to find. The group of successful people on this list have built […] The post 8 Successful People Who Can Change Your Life Course in 2018 appeared first on StartUp Mindset. Powered by WPeMatico

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