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The 25 Best Free Shopify Apps for Small Business Owners

Shopify is the place to be for small business owners and solo sellers looking to make sales online. With close to 400,000 active customer stores and $29 million generated during 2016 alone, the renowned e-commerce platform has only increased in popularity among small businesses and their customers. Best Free Shopify Apps But with over 2,000 Shopify apps available for businesses large and small it can be overwhelming to sift through them all, so we have gathered 25 of the best free Shopify apps that benefit small businesses and solo sellers. Mobile Convertor The Mobile Convertor app makes it easier for customers to purchase through their mobile devices, which is especially useful considering mobile traffic overtook desktop traffic years ago. Bulk Discounts Import discount codes into your Shopify store using the Bulk Discounts app. You can also make larger amounts of discount codes available which your customers can use across a variety of products Product Reviews Add a customer review feature to each of your products in the Shopify store with the Product Reviews app. Facebook Store The Facebook Store app simply enables you to sell products directly from your Facebook business page which helps widen your company’s reach when customers share their shopping experiences and favourite products. Facebook Chat Interact in real time with your customers using the free Facebook Chat app. Plug in SEO Are you a small business owner who wants to know if your store has search engine optimization problems that can be fixed? Then you need the Plug in SEO app which will run an analysis of your store’s homepage and identify possible solutions. Order Printer The likes of invoices, labels and receipts are easy to print individually or in bulk with the Order Printer app which lets you customize the pre-made templates to match your business brand theme. Oberlo Oberlo allows small business owners to search through a marketplace of products that can be imported directly into your own Shopify store. Then when your customers order the product, Oberlo packs and ships it to the customer for you. Free Shipping Bar If you have a…

Changes Small Business Owners Should Know About (2018 Edition)

Did you survive the curveballs of 2017, telling yourself that as long as you make it through this year, you’ll be okay? Good. Now let’s do it all over again. You may remember the 2017 edition of small business changes—in which we explored changes in taxes, 17 states increasing their minimum wage, and the shifting political landscape. Now that we’re in 2018 and we face a new economic and political climate, guess what? Even more changes loom, especially in the world of taxes. Here’s what you need to know for this year: Tax Bracket Changes for 2018 The life of the small business owner is much like that of any person—every dollar counts. That’s why it’s critical to understand if you can anticipate any changes to your personal taxes. Much of the political hubbub in 2017 focused on Republican efforts to cut taxes—and indeed they did, getting the law passed and signed before the deadline. That means 2018 will be a new year for taxes. This, in turn, means new brackets. Here’s the basic run-down from Forbes:   If that doesn’t look familiar in the slightest, there’s good reason for that. The rates have changed and the brackets themselves have changed. But that’s not all. When you think about taxes for this financial year, remember also that the changes in the standard deduction can cause a dramatic change in your taxable income. Says Forbes: The standard deduction in 2018 as the law currently exists is $13,000 for a couple filing jointly. That number will jump to $24,000. For single filers it jumps from $6,500 to $12,000. Take Advantage of New Deductions Want an immediate boost to your bottom line? Then don’t be afraid to take the deductions now afforded to you by the new tax law. According to ABC News, that includes items as small as a one-cent increase in the deductibility of business car mileage to a massive increase in the deductibility of new equipment purchases. It’s that business equipment deduction that should really catch your eye. The deduction limit has expanded to $1,000,000 under Section 179, which means…

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