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How to Deal with Overwhelm + Free Printable

As an entrepreneur, it is very common to feel overwhelmed. Especially when you’re just starting out. Over the years, I’ve figured out how to deal with overwhelm so that you keep moving forward and growing. One of the best things you can do is to plan out a dream day and get everything out there so you can see what you need to work on. You may find out that you need to hire help, be more organized, or only take on the things that you’re good at. Here are my top tips + a FREE PRINTABLE to help you conquer overwhelm. Click HERE for the Whiteboard Sheets mentioned in the video >> CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE Realize that it’s a good thing that you feel overwhelmed. It means that you are actually trying to do something beyond your comfort zone. You’re growing yourself to the next level as an entrepreneur. HAVE A DREAMING DAY Give yourself an open day to write down everything you have going on. What are all the tasks and projects that you have to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis? Get it all out of your head and onto paper. Get a bird’s eye view: What projects do you have going on? What are the steps that you need to take to complete them? What is the level of priority for each project? Get everything untangled and organized in this step.  TAKE ACTION Get honest with yourself and see if you are actually trying to do too much. If the answer is yes, examine what you can simplify and cut out. Seriously consider if you need people to come on board to help and who those people need to be. If you enjoyed this video let me know and leave a comment below. 🙂 Powered by WPeMatico

174: How to manage overwhelm, plan and delegate

Manage overwhelm, plan and delegate: three things strong enough to hold any entrepreneur back. How do you make any progress when you simply have too many tasks on your plate, causing you to wonder where to even start? A few months ago I attended an event in London put on by Chris Ducker called Youpreneur Summit. The event was incredible for several reasons, but one of my favorite things about the event was that I got to meet and spend time with someone I’ve been friends with online for a while now. His name is Gerjo – you might remember him from previous seasons because he’s always gracious enough to leave me a voice message with his feedback on the content he wants to hear about most. In fact, Gerjo is the one who reached out to me and requested that I create a post and episode around these three things. Does this sound familiar? When Gerjo asked me about these three things, I thought to myself: I’ve struggled with the exact same things. His words sounded SO FAMILIAR to me. Because I’ve also struggled with how to: Manage overwhelm Plan Delegate I remember so clearly starting my day feeling like I was already so far under water that there was no hope of me getting to float before the day was over – let alone get out of the water completely. But last week, yesterday – today – I didn’t feel that way, and it’s because I’ve managed to accomplish beating overwhelm, being dedicated to a plan, and diligently delegating tasks that I know I shouldn’t be working on. My goal with this post My goal with this post and episode is to share with you exactly how I did it. Warning: There’s going to be a little bit of tough love in this post and episode – and a lot of precise steps you can take right now to manage overwhelm, plan and delegate. With reading this post and/or listening to this episode comes great responsibility: I don’t create content so that nothing can be done after consuming it. I create it so you…

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