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Making play everyday by gamifying career development

While an important part of everyone’s career, learning and development often isn’t something that gets people excited. However, AVADO Digital is looking to change that with its digital-first approach to professional learning, which is gamifying learning and development. We spoke to James Elias, global managing director, to find out more. When talking about the gamification of learning and development, what does that look like in practice? Gamification takes elements from games, such as fun, play and competition and applies these to a range of real-world processes inside a business, including learning & development. In practice, this means online courses that include different levels, badges, and leader boards, which all sit on a user-friendly platform alongside videos, interactive activities and quizzes. For example, each activity that a student completes within AVADO’s Dot Native hub earns them a number of ‘minutes’ – or put simply points. The student can visually track the minutes they spend on the platform, moving to different levels depending on how much time they put in and collecting completion badges along the way. Dot Native’s leader boards also allow students to see how their colleagues are progressing and encourage a bit of healthy competition. james_elias.jpg Image from AVADO Digital What kind of skills can be learnt through these gamified courses? The main benefit to gamification is that learners are not only much more likely to complete courses but will also better retain the knowledge they gain. The technique can be built into a variety of courses, from simple knowledge-based modules that teach basic tech skills but can also be a part of more complex skills like digital leadership. For example, courses that span several months may include certain ‘gamified’ elements, like leader boards, to keep participants motivated by competing against their peers to complete the course in good time. The benefits of gamification can also reach far beyond the initial course content. For example, our Future of HR and Learning hub helps professionals understand cutting-edge developments in HR and L&D in an informal online environment. Each activity in the hub that the student completes earns them a number…

Show and tell your side projects making $500+/month.

So many people are building great side projects and I thought this post would help Inspire others so please share your side hustle, a link to what your project website and tell us a bit about it. If you’re interested to see some successful side hustles, I wrote this post with 20 great projects making over $500 a month. submitted by /u/craigcherlet [link] [comments] Powered by WPeMatico

(Without links) Tell your side projects making $500+/month.

Apparenly the mods allowed commenting again on the old post, so this thread is a bit redundant now. But I’ll leave it up because the more the merrier submitted by /u/jessejamess [link] [comments] Powered by WPeMatico

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