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“True MENTORSHIP is NOT a ONE-WAY Street. Great leaders must have two things: a vision of the world that does not yet exist and the ability to communicate that vision clearly. The true value of a leader in not measured by the work they do but the work they inspire others to do.” – Simon Sinek

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Leaders, Own Your Story Or Someone Else Will

In today’s world where information gets shared in the blink of an eye—it’s better to own your story before someone else decides to do it for you. Powered by WPeMatico

How Tech Leaders & Venture Capitalists Can Get Out of Our “Man Box”

If I had just one wish for VCs it would be that they would preview the Ted Bunch “Man Box” talk at the Upfront Summit at their Monday Partner Meetings. I would love it if startup leadership teams would preview it to their executive leadership. We need to learn from women and listen to them. We also need to start having a conversation amongst men about how men talk and behave and about the silence that leads to consent if we’re going to make necessary changes. Ted is from a non-profit organization called “A Call to Men” whose mission is “A world in which all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe.” I have seen Ted speak multiple times because he was also the lead speaker in the #TimesUp movement in Hollywood event that I was invited to in which the goal was to spur a conversation with men about how we talk and behave in the workplace. He is a very effective communicator with a very important message so we invited him to speak with the 450 VCs and LPs that we had at our investor day at the Upfront Summit. We also invited Anne-Marie Slaughter to talk to us about “What Real Equality Looks Like” and she was equally incredible but I’ll save her messages for a separate post but if you can’t wait I have linked to her video in the title above. In Ted’s words, “We’re not here to save or rescue women. Women don’t need to be saved or rescued. Women are competent at taking care of themselves.” Our goal in this conversation was for a man to talk to other men about how we teach other men to behave. The video is embedded below and I sincerely hope you’ll watch it both because it’s important and because I could never do it justice in a blog, but I’ll give you his key points as best I can in this post. One of Ted’s messages to men is that while the overwhelming majority of men are not violent towards women…

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