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The Ultimate 2019 Guide for Home Based Business Ideas

Each year it seems there’s new home based business ideas popping up. Our world is changing, becoming more digitized than ever. Work from home jobs are more plentiful than ever before and people are making the switch from the 9 to 5 grind to starting up their own businesses in their homes. It’s no wonder […] The post The Ultimate 2019 Guide for Home Based Business Ideas appeared first on Make Money Online.

These 40 Companies Will Hire You to Work from Home Taking Reservations

It seems that people really want to work at home for airlines, travel agencies, or other companies that need reservation agents. A work from home reservation job can offer some flexibility, while allowing you to ditch the daily commute to work comfortably from your home office. So, in honor of everyone wanting to find the […] The post These 40 Companies Will Hire You to Work from Home Taking Reservations appeared first on Make Money Online.

The Best 14 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money In 2019

The year may be halfway over, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to find ways to make some simple money. After all, the holidays will be here before you know it, and it’s always a good idea to have some extra money in savings. Or, perhaps some extra money in your wallet […] The post The Best 14 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money In 2019 appeared first on Make Money Online.

Top 3 Signs it’s Time to Raise Your Rates

Like any job, there comes a time when you outgrow the pay rate that you’re getting from a client. After all, you don’t want to be earning the same amount of money for the rest of your life. There are two ways to get paid more. Take on new clients at a higher rate or negotiate a pay increase with your present clients. When to Ask for a Raise I believe that negotiations with current clients should come at the end of the year or at the beginning of a new year. However, the actual date you choose to ask for a raise is up to you. Here are the circumstances that signal it’s time to ask for a raise soon: Your Responsibilities Have Increased While working with a client, you may be asked to do an additional task here and there. You may also discover that you’re one of the most experienced on the team at doing what you do. List out the responsibilities that you have now and jot down reasons you’re an important member of the team. Think about a percentage that you’d feel comfortable taking in addition to what you already make. Ask your client if you can have a discussion about your pay rate and set an appointment date. Bring your reasons for why you deserve a raise and be prepared for negotiations about your rate. Learn more about negotiation tactics here. Your Hourly Rate is in the Toilet The general consensus among freelancers is that you should stay away from hourly rates. You should charge a per project fee that takes into account the overall value of what you deliver and not just the time you spend. Sometimes when setting a per project rate you underestimate how much time it’s taking you to do the work. Say you’re charging $2,500 for a project. It sounds like great money. But what if it takes you 100 hours to do the work over several months? You’re making $25 per hour before taxes and business expenses. If you’re hourly rate is low compared to the work you do for a client, it’s…

15 Odd Ways to Make Money From Home

I guess you could say; I was born with the entrepreneurial bug. Since the age of six — I’ve been exploring different ways to make money. I’ve gone door-to-door selling arts and crafts to neighbors, hosted lemonade stands, collected salamanders and sold them to the local pet shop, as well as participated in many garage […] The post 15 Odd Ways to Make Money From Home appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

How Much Do You Get Paid for Sperm Donation? What’s the Process?

If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I donate sperm for money?” then this is the article for you. Making money using your body is a real thing, and it isn’t as weird as it sounds. In fact, people sell their hair, their eggs, and even sell blood plasma up to twice a week. If you’re […] The post How Much Do You Get Paid for Sperm Donation? What’s the Process? appeared first on Make Money Online.

How to Find the Silver Lining in Any Crisis

Guest Article Should you celebrate a mistake or a loss? My answer is a big yes. Through my work as a sales expert, I often meet managers who find making mistakes very difficult to accept. However, they are not aware that they can learn a lot from their mistakes. A long career in business without mistakes will not make you smarter—but by embracing your challenges you will learn to handle disappointments and that will help you make better decisions in the future. My mentor gave me a piece of advice that I carry with me even today. I used to dwell on the past and think about what I could have done differently. Today, I have become much better at extracting the lesson and moving on. When things do not go as planned, you should consider the following: Forgive yourself. Find the silver lining. Study what you can learn from the experience. Become an even better leader based on what you learn. Tell others that you become smarter from mistakes if you learn from them. Making use of your support system will be very useful for your professional and personal development. Try to always have an incredible amount of joy. Be willing to exchange experiences, and surrounding yourself with bright people who can advise you in critical situations. I have a list of 4-5 people I call when I need moral support, regarding a not so positive situation that occurred or when I need a change in perspective. They have extensive experience, and their advice helps me to see my own insignificance in a different light. People like these individuals are your ‘personal crisis management team’. Life will be full of adversity. Don’t waste a moment sulking about it. Gain a new perspective, learn from the mistake and keep pushing yourself to be better. My life consisted of being kicked out of school, losing most of my family members to cancer, being fired from jobs, and having two miscarriages and I can go on. Even sorrow has its silver lining. And sometimes life can just break your heart and steal…

Are customer loyalty programs worth the big claims?

It has become almost an adage in the world of business that it is much cheaper to retain a loyal customer to secure a new one. This notion has lead to the creation of loyalty programs over the decades and online programs in recent times. Software programs have been developed with sophisticated features to keep The post Are customer loyalty programs worth the big claims? appeared first on Small Business.

GoDaddy Exec Says It’s Not Too Late For Businesses To Capture Last Minute Holiday Revenue

In a “holiday interview” Ramon Ray discusses with GoDaddy VP of Marketing Melissa Schneider some tips business owners can use to capture last minute shopping dollars this holiday season. Listen to our interview and read the notes below! It’s Not Too Late to Sell Online Melissa said that there are many last minute shoppers who are looking for the perfect gift. As I type this, I still have not bought a gift for my wife! If you go to any mall you’ll find what looks like a beehive of shoppers who are scrambling to buy, at the last minute. These could be your customers. It’s so important to remind your current customers that you are there for them and have a solution to their needs. Sure, try to get new customers, but CURRENT customers already know, like and trust you! Be it via social media, email marketing or otherwise – remind your customers of your solution. Consider making a special “holiday” offer. Seth Godin talks about “tension” in his latest book, “This is Marketing“. Melissa and I discussed that even though there’s only a few days before Christmas, take advantage (in a good way) of the tension your customers have and you can snag some last minute sales for your business. Help Your Customers Don’t have an attitude of “how can I get” from your customers, but instead think, how can you serve them. You’ll find that most successful marketers put the customer first and convey how their solution can help the customer. Beyond Online Sales While it seems that online sales get the lion’s share of media focus, for those of you selling services, you can also participate in holiday sales. What about a special offer for accounting services, legal services, design services or etc. Maybe the customer can BUY them now and use them in 2019. Or buy them as a gift for another business. Multiple Touch Points Don’t put your marketing “eggs” in one basket. Don’t you love cliches? Leverage the power of multiple touch points to have your message conveyed via email, your website and social media. Your customers…

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