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We are your moderators, help us help you. Thread improvement ideas, rule changes, general input, Tell us anything!

Hi /r/Entrepreneur, We hear you loud and clear. We want to make our sub better by making it more valuable, easier to navigate, and a source of useful knowledge. Problem: Our subscriber base covers a very wide spectrum of entrepreneurs. We moderators, try not to edit content or decide what should or should not be allowed. Rather, we enforce the rules, but we haven’t adjusted the rules in quite some time so there are lots of gray areas when it comes to what should or should not be allowed. Therefore, we are seeking community input for suggestions and modifications that can be implemented. If you make a criticism, please offer a potential solution. This isn’t flame the Mod-team. If there is a feature or attribute from another subreddit you would like to see implemented, we highly suggest you share it. This is your community, let’s make it better for everyone! Potential rule adjustments: Tier 1 Rule Violation (Warning): Posting Revenue without profit Tier 2 Rule Violation (24-hour ban – no warning): Offsite linking to blog or video in original post submitted by /u/FITGuard [link] [comments] Powered by WPeMatico

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