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5 Ways to Banish the Fraud Feelings For Good by @tasminsabar

by Tasmin Sabar | Featured Contributor  “Who am I to do this?” I often hear this exact sentiment from many of the women that I speak to. It doesn’t matter whether they are new to their business or have been doing it for years. They feel that they should have their own life sorted 100% before they can help others. They say things like “I don’t have all the steps”, “I don’t’ feel confident enough” “I don’t feel knowledgeable enough” “I’m not qualified enough” and so it goes on. Whilst they desire to create a business around their gifts and passions and long to be of service, all too often they get in their own way. Those “not enough” thoughts end up on repeat and ultimately create a reality that leaves them feeling stuck. The fact is though, nobody can have all the answers to everything. No matter how good you are, there will always be more you can learn, more ways you can grow and develop. Life would be pretty boring if it were any other way right?  After all, growth is so important in life. Yet, so many women continue to hold themselves back and that fraud feeling and “imposter syndrome” is very real and more common than you might think. I hear it amongst so many women I speak to and I recently had this come up in a conversation with a good friend who is brilliant, intelligent, capable and at the top of the game in her career. Still, she openly discussed with me how frequently she finds herself at work thinking to herself that today is the day she is going to be “found out”. It’s safe to say that imposter syndrome and feeling like a fraud is rife with many women. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and Kate Winslet are two high profile examples who’ve spoken of how it affected them. Maybe you’ve felt something similar yourself at some point? This is a massive shame because when you do this, you stop yourself from reaching your full potential because of these self-limiting beliefs. But worse still,…

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