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5 Keys to Writing Engaging Email Content that People Will Actually Read

Every day, many of us receive promotional emails from businesses that we have interacted with or purchased from. The vast majority of these emails go unread, and lists become unsubscribed. This article will look at the benefits of email marketing, and how startups can write engaging email content that drives sales rather than sitting in […] The post 5 Keys to Writing Engaging Email Content that People Will Actually Read appeared first on StartUp Mindset. Powered by WPeMatico

TMBA429: The Problem With Cold Email Dan and Ian know better than anyone how important lead generation is to a business. After all, they used to end every episode of this podcast with the phrase “Go make a cold call.” Every business needs to make sales to survive, and to make those sales, they need to have leads. Today we are going to speak to two people who specialize in generating leads and making sales. Dan Englander is the founder of SalesSchema, a consulting company that helps larger ad agencies win more business. Dana Lindahl is the CEO and Founder of Legendary LeadGen, a company that helps marketing agencies get in touch with their ideal prospects. We’ve asked Dan and Dana to join us this week to engage in a bit of a spirited debate about the two dominant methods of lead generation. On one side of the debate, there are people who believe that creating an amazing business that relies on word-of-mouth marketing will ultimately bring in more qualified leads. On the other side, there is the idea that cold email outreach is ultimately the superior way to get new customers and clients. Regardless of what you believe, we hope this episode will inspire you to go out there and take the necessary steps to grow your business. Powered by WPeMatico

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