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How to Write a High-Converting Blog Post

So, you have started your blog. Every week or so you sit down and type away at a blog post. It could be a quick update, a how-to in the same vein as this article or just a little bit of a rant. Whatever the case may be, no doubt you put a lot of effort into your blog. And yet it still doesn’t seem to be doing much for you. No one is interacting with your content or sharing it on social media, nor are you generating much interest in your products or services that you mention in your blogs. The problem: you are not optimising your blog posts for audience conversion. What is a conversion? Well, it depends on what you want to happen. If you are lifestyle blogger, then people sharing your content and getting your blog to a bigger audience would be considered a conversion. Whereas, if you are selling a product then obviously an enquiry into buying or a full sale would be your conversion. First things first, decide what a conversion would be for you and your blog. Then you can move forward with conversion rate optimisation. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to ensure that you write a high-converting blog post every time.   1) Easy to Read Every blog post that you produce is beautifully written, the Shakespearean prose of the blog world in fact. Yet, if your audience finds it hard to read then it will be deader than Hamlet’s pet skull (more commonly known as Yorick the jester by all you Shakespeare fans out there). Here are a few key pointers to improve your blog readability: ●Short paragraphs are a must – 5 or 6 lines at most. ●Use images or other visuals to break up blocks of text, while also giving visual context to your words. ●Include subheadings to highlight the flow of your points through your blog, letting the reader know what they are reading. See what I did there? The inclusion of bullet points breaks up information into bite-size pieces. Another great…

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