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Boring Is The New Sexy Says Chen Amit, Tipalti’s CEO

“Sexy” problems like sales and marketing automation, have already been oversaturated with solutions and products, while some areas in business automation have been traditionally neglected. The Account Payable is a good example of a “niece” that was neglected for years before Tipalti discovered it Powered by WPeMatico

Avoiding boring with a culture of fun and adventure

Having a culture of play and adventure in work is important. Sergio Lopez, head of integrated production at McCann Worldgroup, explains how he avoids boring in his everyday… Nobody wants boring. Friends don’t want boring. Partners do not want boring. Clients definitely do not want boring. It does not matter the context, the industry, the country. Being boring is a very lonely way of strolling across life.  Boring is my biggest fear. It is not difficult to become boring as a corporate entrepreneur. Corporations provide a certain level of stability which minimise the level of personal risk in the short term and therefore a key driver in entrepreneurship: hunger. They also tend to be certainly averse towards the main driver for innovation: risk. So many times I’ve seen people around me that reach a certain level of seniority, recognition or success and quickly lose sight of what brought them there. That tends to be the case with people that put their entrepreneurial skills at the service of the company’s goals, but lack a personal mission. While the company’s vision and values are a great way to bring the workforce together, it is the personal vision which defines and drives entrepreneurs. My own personal mission is what makes me get out of bed early in the morning and what makes me stay awake until late. What makes me read, research, theorise, try, learn, improve, think. Living my life like an adventure reaching out for my mission is my way to fight boring. gettyimages-660311458.jpg Image from gettyimages I grew up not understanding an industry that segregated creatives and business people and boxed them with titles. I struggled for years to fit in a place that separated creativity and how that creativity was brought to life. After a couple of decades, I reached the conclusion that there was a need in the market for a place that challenged that model. I made it my mission to be a part of building an industry model that revolves around evolving the ‘creative’ culture into a ‘creators’ one. While the temptation to open my own company…

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