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“What Unites Us” —Important Lessons from @danrather at the #UpfrontSummit

“The institution of a free press in America is in a state of crisis greater than I have ever seen in my lifetime, and perhaps in any moment in this nation’s history.” — Dan Rather I sat down to interview Dan Rather at the 2018 Upfront Summit about his outlook for our country one year into the Trump presidency. The interview was conducted around the thesis of Dan’s newest book, “What Unites Us,” which is a must read. You can watch the interview here or in the embed below. It’s truly an inspirational listen and there are some insightful lessons about democracy itself. If you don’t know, Dan Rather was a new journalist for CBS News for 44 years including 24 years as the anchor of CBS Evening News. He was a pioneer in reporting the civil rights struggle, Vietnam, Watergate, Iran-Contra, The Gulf War and so many more historical moments in our history. “What Unites Us” is a concise reflection of what it means to be an American and the common set of values we hold even in a world in which we feel so divided. You can order it here. As the title implies, Rather seeks to find the strands that unite us rather than divide us but a lot of our interview and a lot of what Dan talks about publicly is about how much is at stake with the direction of the Trump administration. I’d encourage you to watch it — it is just 25 minutes — because Dan Rather is still so eloquent with his words and thoughtful in his outlook. Watch the interview here. Dan told me that his goal in continuing to publish (you should follow him on Facebook if you don’t already) and his goal with the book is that he realizes that he is now in the latter years of his life (Dan is a very cogent and capable 86 years old) and he wants to find a way to collaborate with young entrepreneurs today to get out the messages in the world about the things we have in common and the importance of liberal democracies and tolerance. “I understand…

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