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25 Surprising Facts About Warren Buffett

From buying his first stock at age 11 to having his face on Cherry Coke cans in China, these Warren Buffett facts might surprise you. Powered by WPeMatico

How do you think strategically about your business?

How do you think strategically about your business? I’m a struggling entrepreneur and I almost never sit down and strategically think of any of my businesses, I have no real plan and it’s just not going well whatsoever. If you have any tips on what you do when you think strategically that would be great. Thanks submitted by /u/jamie056 [link] [comments] Powered by WPeMatico

Free Virtual Receptionist: Here’s What You Should Know About It

In the day to day activities of a business, it is important to have efficient people around you who clearly understand their job roles and responsibilities. These people can bring… Read more » (c) Powered by WPeMatico

4 Things You Should Do If You Forgot About Employee Appreciation Day

If you forgot that it’s National Employee Appreciation Day today, you need to do something right now. Here are our top four recommendations for leaders who might feel like they’re sitting in the hot seat because they forgot. Powered by WPeMatico

What You Need To Know About The Lean Start-up Model

The Lean Start-up philosophy was developed by Eric Ries, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur who also sat on venture capital advisory boards. He published The Lean Startup in 2011, igniting a movement around a new way of doing business. Powered by WPeMatico

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