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Mobile Advertising Trends: The Rise of Video

Over the last few years, everyone in advertising is talking about the rise of mobile and how desktop is becoming less and less dominant. That fact still holds true, but there is another piece. Video in particular is on the rise, specifically on mobile. Facebook and Google are at the forefront of this with both of their platforms. […] The post Mobile Advertising Trends: The Rise of Video appeared first on SmallBizClub.

GO VIRAL with a software that gets you PAID!

You are about to discover the most powerful form of marketing that exists online today! …VIRAL TRAFFIC!   You know what a virus is right? A disease that spreads, uncontrollably, without you trying to spread it. What if you had a website like that? A viral site? That kept generating new traffic everyday, because other people were spreading it, FOR YOU, FOR FREE?! ==> click here to get your own viral site Yeah, now you can have one too! Just post your favorites videos and MAKE MONEY! It’s that simple.

9 Things I Have Learned As A YouTube Beginner

Apparently, I was thinking ahead enough to start a YouTube channel shortly after I became a blogger – YouTube says I joined March 2010. I was just never smart enough to do anything with it. Sure. I would upload a screenshot tutorial or webinar I did with an online friend once or twice per year, […] The post 9 Things I Have Learned As A YouTube Beginner appeared first on The Work at Home Wife. Powered by WPeMatico

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