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The Difficult Truth About Writing When You Have Kids

Five and a half years ago, my writing career finally seemed on the verge of taking off. I’d just published my first novel, I’d finished writing Publishing E-Books For Dummies, which was to be published by Wiley, and I’d launched an online membership site for writers. Then I got pregnant. This was, of course, a lovely and joyous occasion. It was also – as you might imagine – the start of my writing career grinding to a halt. A couple of years on, with a nearly two year old daughter and a newborn son, a great writing day involved 15 minutes of writing while their naps (briefly) overlapped. If you have young children, I’m sure you know what it’s like. Kids take up a huge amount of your time and energy – not just with feeding, changing and playing, but also all the extra laundry and food prep. Not to mention the broken nights. You might well wonder if you should just give up on writing all together, at least until they’re in school. Some writers do: For them, it may well be the right choice. But the majority, I think, want to keep up at least a bit of writing. The hard truth about being a writer with children Becoming a parent is probably the biggest change you’ll ever go through in your life. When my daughter was born, I had the vague idea in my head that (after a brief spell of maternity leave), life would just…carry on as normal. But of course, once you become a parent, you simply won’t be able to carry on working at the same pace as before. A great deal of your formerly free time is taken up by caring for your child – and doing all the extra chores that children create. I’m someone who likes to move fast, and it’s been hard to realize that I simply can’t write and work in the same way as I could pre-kids. It’s also been tough to watch other writers, without kids, zoom on ahead of me in their careers. If you’re fairly…

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