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3 Ways Scrivener Makes Self-Publishing a Breeze

Professional creators should use professional tools. After all, how would you feel if you went to a restaurant and noticed the food was being cooked in cheap microwaves by chefs using low-quality equipment? You would probably rightly assume the output from substandard tools would be a substandard meal. Writers are no different. To produce the best work possible, it’s vital to find the right tools for the job. How many writers do you know who still use a standard word processor app like Microsoft Word? Perhaps you even do yourself. Why? It’s often due to a lack of knowledge about what else is out there. I still remember the day I found something better and tried it out for the first time. That something better was a writing tool named Scrivener. Here’s how this tool has made a major difference to my writing process. 1. Better research and planning The self-publishing marketplace is more crowded and competitive than ever before. In the past, it was possible to release a hastily written book containing the minimum of research, and still experience success. Those days are gone. Success in the current climate requires careful and conscious research. Research isn’t easy. We live in an era of unprecedented information and ideas. Curating the best and most suitable concepts for your book is no easy task. Yet so many writers make it even tougher than it needs to be by taking a scattergun approach to the collection and storage of information. Before I discovered Scrivener, my research process typically involved a mess of folders, files and illogically named documents. Even worse, leaving my writing software and accessing my research disrupted my creative flow and led to procrastination and distraction. Scrivener helped me to collect, organize and access my research in a way I never even knew was possible. Within Scrivener, you have all of your research directly available, next to the actual writing environment itself, as seen below. Being able to see all of your research without having to leave your writing software is an incredible time-saver and productivity-booster. You never have to run…

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