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Work From Home Productivity Tips To Help You Get (And Stay) Motivated

Work From Home Motivation Tips What’s appealing about most work from home opportunities (setting your hours, lack of office politics, working in PJs) can also be total motivation zappers. The lure of the couch, binge-watching TV series on Netflix or an afternoon trip to Barnes & Noble can sometimes seem infinitely more appealing than just about anything having to do with work. No matter your work ethic, you’re bound to feel unmotivated while working from home. It happens to the best of us. But don’t worry, there are some practical methods to help get (and keep) yourself motivated. Below you’ll find five work from home motivation tips to give you a little get-up-and-go. 1. Get Showered & Dressed Thanks to the popularity of The Odd Couple which introduced us to the disheveled, slovenly, sportswriter, Oscar Madison, work from home pros sometimes get a bad rap where hygiene and cleanliness are concerned.  This might be true, for some, but certainly not all (or at least not all the time!). Full disclosure, there are definitely some days I wake up, roll out of bed, grab a coffee and answer emails, make phone calls and write well into the afternoon without much consideration into the fact that I’m wearing day-old clothes and greasy hair. I mean, who is there to impress in that regard, my cat, Lenny? He’s seen me at my best and worst. And frankly, he doesn’t much care what I look like as long as I keep his food dish topped off and offer a lap to sit on. And when  you’re working from home, there will be those days when you feel pretty good about the fact that you even managed to get a pair of clean-ish yoga pants on. And if you’re getting work done and staying ahead of deadlines, more power to you! But then there’s those days when you’re feeling less than ready to tackle the simplest of to-do list items. And that’s when your sweats and tangled hair can really be working against you. Thankfully, a shower and clean change of clothes can make a world…

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