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The Best Female-Forward Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Podcasts. If you’re not listening, you should be. People turn to podcasts for entertainment, to catch up on the latest in pop culture, to learn about new things, or even to help better themselves in various avenues of life. It should be no surprise an increasing number of women are turning to podcasts to learn how to become more successful women. When it comes to running businesses and becoming true entrepreneurs, podcasts have a wealth of information. Here are 5 of our favorite female entrepreneurial podcasts for anyone looking for some business inspiration. Women Taking the Lead In the Women Taking the Lead weekly podcast, successful women sit down to chat with Jodi and discuss what it takes to be a successful leading lady. Jodi leads women in their journey to become successful businesswomen through the unique coaching system she designed herself. The podcast targets female listeners and encourages them to both recognize their own faults and limitations and leverage their strengths to ultimately become great leaders. The podcast and entire coaching system focus on Type A personalities and making the most of them. Jodi talks about leveraging the good, the bad, and the ugly to become an effective leader.  Episode to Try: 100% Jodi: Burpees, Business & Boys Why we love it: Jodi discusses being flexible in your goals and how adapting to change can actually be good for your goals. After all, life happens! The Intrepid Entrepreneur Kristen Carpenter-Ogden’s podcast, the Intrepid Entrepreneur, is another great podcast to listen to for any ladies who are looking to lead. This podcast aims to coach and help entrepreneurs who are just getting started but have the drive and determination to push their business to great heights. One significant goal of the podcast is to keep people level headed through the overwhelming process of starting a business. Rather than getting caught up in the tasks associated with getting a business launched, Kristen helps to guide people in the growth of their business through the passion they have for what they do. Episode to Try: The Art of Saying NO with Kristen…

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