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Better and Easier Wifi Management with Linksys Cloud Manager

Managing a network is important, especially a wireless network. For businesses that are growing and have more than one office, they need to quickly deploy a network and get up and running. It’s also VERY important that the network is security. A secure network is imperative. Today Linksys announced the Linksys Cloud Manager, a cloud-hosted WiFi Management Platform purpose-built for small business environments that reduces costs and increases operational efficiencies. The solution offers centralized visibility, management and control of a wireless network without the cost and complexity of traditional hardware controllers, overlay software, or annual hosting costs. While easy enough for tech minded business owners or office managers to setup, this solution is perfect for the IT consultants who help a business manage their technology. Linksys Cloud Manager enables IT administrators and other authorized users to remotely monitor, manage and troubleshoot single or distributed wireless networks in real time via a single dashboard and sign-on. This plug-n-play platform helps provide secure remote access to Linksys Business Wireless-AC Access Points, which are built with enterprise-grade, high-performance hardware, and is competitively priced with no licensing or maintenance fees for five years*. The included cloud license fits any budget and provides a complete solution for IT solutions providers and their SMB customers. “There is a gap in the market for affordable, business-grade cloud managed WiFi management platforms designed specifically for SMBs,” said Wayne Newton, director of commercial business, Linksys. “Current offerings are either built with consumer-grade hardware or with expensive, enterprise features with prohibitive annual hosting fees.  A common complaint is enterprise offerings are complex and over-engineered with features and functionality beyond the usual requirements of a small business network.” A few of the features of this solution include: Comprehensive Centralized Management via a Global Map – Manage multiple, unlimited client WiFi networks around the corner or around the world from one centralized dashboard with a single login. Visibility of all accounts, sites, access points, and devices. Remote Monitoring and Network Insights – Provides alerts and real-time statistics so network administrators can anticipate potential network issues without the need for on-site monitoring and troubleshooting.  View…

Internet Down? Try a Satellite Connection

When it comes to doing business, the Internet is vital. And, when it goes down, panic usually sets in. Currently, Internet subscribers are at the mercy of their providers and there is nothing that can be done to remedy the situation. But, things have changed. Hughes Network Systems has created a solution that will keep the Internet going strong, even during those unexpected and unwanted outages. Hughes Network Systems provides broadband satellite service for business and residential customers. Their Internet services reach the people who are unable to connect via cable and phone lines. Their Internet service, known as HughesNet, serves more than 1.2 million customers. They also have a program called HughesON, which uses satellite and traditional methods to keep large businesses and government entities connected at all times. Hughes Network Systems has a new program they call HughesNet Internet Continuity that can fill the void that Internet outages bring. By subscribing to this program, Internet users will be able to access satellite Internet when the terrestrial options go down. Then, when the terrestrial Internet is running again, the satellite Internet stops. This is a must-have service for any business that relies on the Internet for productivity and sales. It can be used by residential and business customers who rely on cable, fiber, or DSL Internet. Residential and business Internet users usually do not subscribe to satellite Internet as their first choice, simply because the cost is prohibitive. Terrestrial Internet is more affordable for those who have it readily available. But, this backup Internet service is worth the expense because it keeps business moving. Most who rely on terrestrial Internet know that outages happen. Those outages can be weather-related and they can be caused by equipment problems and hardware degradation. Because HughesNet does not rely on those terrestrial lines, it can provide this useful automatic backup system. Business is able to keep moving because of the way the backup system is set up by HughesNet. It uses a Wi-Fi modem, an antenna, and radio, along with a special router to switch back and forth between the terrestrial and satellite…

Wi-Fi: the key to getting customers back on the high street

Modern technology and changing consumer behaviour is heralding a new era for the shopping experience. With reports of declining high street sales and well-known brands closing stores, retailers are naturally concerned about the future of in-store shopping. E-commerce is creating more competition and it is clear that retailers must evolve in order to retain and The post Wi-Fi: the key to getting customers back on the high street appeared first on Small Business.

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