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How to Build a Lead Generation Machine

This week on #Smallbizchat LIVE our show featured three guests: How to Build a Sales Process with Alice Heiman, @aliceheiman, Start Making Connections, Stop Adding to Your Connections with Phil Gerbyshak, @PhilGerb, and How to Develop Your Personal Brand Using Video with Cher Jones, @itscherjones. I pulled three of the best questions from each of them to share with you. Every third Wed of the month, Smallbizchat LIVE is broadcast on my SmallBizLady Facebook Page, YouTube channel and on Twitter @SmallBizLady.   Alice Heiman has been helping companies increase sales for over 20 years.  Her firm specializes in the complex sale, strategizing with sales teams to find new business and grow existing account. For more info: SMALLBIZLADY: What are the stages in a sales process? Alice Heiman: There are typically 5 stages in a sales process. We call them:  Prospect, Qualify, Verify, Close, and Won. For each of those stages, there will be a definition, activities, and criteria for moving to the next stage. The biggest mistake that people make when they develop a sales process is mixing up the stages, activities, criteria, and positioning. SMALLBIZLADY: How do we determine what activities go with each stage? Alice Heiman: You start by understanding how your buyer buys and how we interface with that process. First buyers realize they have a problem to solve. Next, they look for solutions that might fix that problem. Then they compare the solutions and see how well the solution solves the problem.  Finally, they make a decision. To mirror that process we need to: (1) Target Your Audience, (2) Build Awareness, (3) Develop Interest, (4) Determine needs and qualify, (5) Educate on fit and differentiate, (6) Close the business, and (7) Implement. SMALLBIZLADY: How do those activities fit into the 5 stages? Alice Heiman: You start by defining the kinds of clients that will have the problems you solve and determining which of those kinds of companies are the best fit for your product. Next, you make a list of clients to prospect. Those 10 to 100 clients go in the top of the funnel in Prospecting. Once you have that list…

How to Boost Your Sales with Whiteboard Animation

There are currently hundreds of tools and tactics a savvy marketer can use to improve conversions. From blog posts and social media, to infographics and email marketing. However, one particular… Read more » The post How to Boost Your Sales with Whiteboard Animation appeared first on

10 Video Marketing Mistakes A Good Marketer Should Avoid

A famous adage goes like this, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Whatever you do, it is quite important that you know what you are doing and you do it right. Same is the case for your video marketing strategy as well. Video marketing today is like a fast and competitive game. If you are likely to make any mistakes, then there is no winning. A poor quality video marketing campaign can do more harm than good to your video as well as your business. Remember the video you make reflects your brand. Hence, getting it right is indeed crucial. With 87% of online marketers using video content to improve their marketing strategy, 51% of them have claimed videos to be the best content to give you ROI.  Also, viewers retain 95% of the information you give in the form of a video as compared to 10% when reading it in a text. But the fact is, that kind of success is not very easy. Your video marketing should also be bang on! With video being the superhero of marketing, you will always get back what you put forth in your video marketing strategy. Avoid any mistakes and you will be on your way in producing a video that surely captivates the world. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of various mistakes you are likely to make in your business’s video marketing strategy, how to get rid of them and rise like a star! How to avoid 10 common video marketing mistakes Let’s face it! Video marketing costs money. And when you are willing to lay a budget on this marketing strategy, a mistake is something you cannot afford. Below are the most common video marketing mistakes that even experts can sometimes make. Choosing the wrong partner Today, anyone can make a video easily with just a smartphone in hand. But, is that what you want? The customers of your business might equate the quality of your video to the quality of your business. Thus, you need to consult the experts. In order to save…

Why Video Matters In Marketing

Everyone is spending more and more time on the internet these days. Whether it’s social media, scrolling through memes, or finding a recipe for chicken parm–everywhere you turn, everyone is online. Today we have a plethora of information and resources at our literal fingertips. As a result of all of us carrying around the world’s knowledge in our pockets, people are looking to traditional information sources less and less. Evolving Advertisement – Because who even reads the newspaper anymore? Probably not you, because newspaper sales have been down 11% respectively to the previous year, which might not seem like a lot until you translate that number to 31 million weekday newspapers. How many of us still watch T.V. normally? Wait, do you mean Netflix or Hulu?  Not even close, because most people have begun to steer clear of standard cable packages altogether, relying instead on streaming services. If you do subscribe to cable, you likely DVR your favorite shows, so you fast forward through most commercials anyway, eliminating a former key source of advertisement. Traditional sources of marketing and advertising, like print and television, have had to take a backseat. Out of necessity, marketers have had to become creative to ensure their products or services are being appropriately seen through effective advertising. Hello, “sponsored ads,” is that you? We have all seen how often pop-up ads get in our way or how strange it was that a product we viewed before is now being advertised on the side panels of our favorite sites and apps. We have become well trained in averting our eyes from these ads. We are living in a society of disengagement. If something doesn’t grasp our attention and keep it, we will continue to scroll, and scroll, and scroll. Video Ads Slide-In Gif or video? You tell me, but either way, video ads have become more and more common. They typically appear when we’re waiting to watch a video or when we click on a popular website. The ads pop-up and we have to watch them in order to get to our requested content. Typically, they’re…

How to Leverage YouTube To Promote Your Business

When someone mentions social media as a marketing tool, most people think of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. But newsflash, YouTube is the second most searched site online. Video converts better than any other type of content right now and it’s cheaper to produce than every before so as a small business—YouTube could be a game changer for your business. Posting videos on YouTube is a great way to boost visibility for your brand and highlight your expertise. Teach Your Audience.“How to” videos are the #1 searched content on YouTube. Posting short videos on YouTube allows you to demonstrate your expertise. You’ll appear like an expert which will increase credibility and build your business brand. People will find your videos because you provide a solution to their problem. Better Google Search Results. Google owns YouTube, so Google favors YouTube in search engine results. Google recognized keyword searches for videos just like in regular blog content. With a search “how to tie a bow tie”, Google will search videos related to that search term as well as written articles. It’s a great way to increase your Google rankings. Try Vlogging. If writing blog content is not for you, try vlogging, or posting videos as your blog posts. Now there’s still some writing involved as you need to give a brief description or bullet list the main points discussed in the video. But if you publish consistent YouTube videos, you can build a following and potentially become an influencer in your industry. Also if you are a blogger and you want to switch things up from time to time posting a video is a great way to do it. SEO optimization. If you are trying to boost your SEO, know that Google favors websites with multimedia content. Also tagging your YouTube videos with the keywords can increase your Google rankings. Having videos on your website tells Google that you offer content in a formats with is a big plug when you are trying to increase your organic search results. Video Emails If you publish a weekly newsletter, you should consider adding a YouTube videos in…

7 Ways IGTV Can Be Valuable for Your Small Business

Guest Article Since it’s launch in 2010, Instagram has become a global community of one billion! Recently, the photo sharing app announced their new feature IGTV, which allows users to post and watch videos that are up to one-hour long. While there’s a stand-alone IGTV app, you can also watch it from within the Instagram app. IGTV functions in a different way. First, the videos are full screen and vertical. Also unlike Instagram, videos aren’t limited to one minute. IGTV starts playing immediately when you open the app. You don’t have to search to watch content from people you already follow on Instagram, you can search based on your interests. Some other features include: Swipe up to discover more Switch between “For You,” “Following,” “Popular” and “Continue Watching.” Like, comment and send videos to friends in Direct. Here are some IGTV specs to keep in mind: Video length: 15 seconds to 60 minutes (The full 60 minutes is currently only available to larger accounts or verified accounts.) Everyone else has a general limit of 10 minutes File size: up to 3.6GB File type: .MP4 Video size: 9:16 Video thumbnail/cover image: .JPG Millions of businesses around the world already have a great presence on Instagram and IGTV can be a great way for these businesses to acquire new customers and build stronger bonds with the existing ones. Like Instagram Stories, IGTV also allows you to add a swipe-up call-to-action, which allows you to link to target landing pages. You can also upload IGTV videos straight to Facebook Watch. So what types of businesses can fully utilize IGTV? Beauty & Makeup business: Tutorials of makeup application or tips for styling your hair. You can even film a customer getting specialized treatment at your salon. Interior Designer: Shoot a renovation project or a customer testimonial who got their home designed by you. Retail: Sneak peek into the new collection or teaser videos of what will be hitting your stores. Restaurant: Show the new recipe you are testing or tips for making gourmet food. There are other ways to use IGTV to your benefit…

Top 6 Reasons Video Can Boost Your Start-Up Business

Start-ups are at an interesting stage of the business cycle. This is the point where everything is just starting out, a lot of experimentations are done and learning is in… Read more » The post Top 6 Reasons Video Can Boost Your Start-Up Business appeared first on

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in 360 Video

In the past decade, technological advancements have brought people closer together. Social media platforms and instant messaging applications virtually connect everyone in the world. Now, the growing popularity of immersive… Read more » The post 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in 360 Video appeared first on

17 Ways to Leverage a Facebook Live Event

Video marketing is a very effective way to market your business. And Facebook Live is one of the best ways to leverage live video marketing. It gives you a way to create an authentic connection with your target audience and build a following. But do you know what to do after a Facebook Live event is over to keep the momentum going? Here are 17 tips to maximize a Facebook Live event! Respond to all comments. Read all comments left on your video postings. If you can, write a message back, but at least react to the comments. Follow up with a clear call to action. You must tell your fans what they can do next, like sign up for your webinar, join your email list, and follow your Facebook Fan Page. Send a thank you. Depending on how many people joined your Live stream, send a thank you through messenger! Through the shares, comments and likes, you should have a sense of who attended your live event. Share your recording on video sites. Post your recorded video on your YouTube or Vimeo channels. You should also consider sharing it on your blog. Edit your video down to share on other social platforms. I love to repurpose good content. Cut your video up into shorter clips to engage your audiences on Instagram and Twitter. Use a link of the recording in your email newsletter. Add a clip or the whole video in your newsletter or send out a special email blast with the video, but be sure to include a written mini-description of the topic too. Encourage people to be notified whenever you go live on Facebook. You must invite your list to subscribe to the stream be informed of your next live event. You should also try to go live at the same time. Leverage your guest expert to share the video. If you interview a guest of your live broadcast, provide the video to your featured guests and ask them to share the video to their social followings and on their Facebook fan page. Use hashtags. Post your live video or clips using hashtags to draw in an audience…

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