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How to Take Those First Steps Back from Vacation

We’ve all been there – where you return from a wonderful vacation only to become glum and overwhelmed on your initial return to your job and the real world. When… Read more » The post How to Take Those First Steps Back from Vacation appeared first on

Why Taking a Break is Good for Business

Vacation. Few words elicit more longing or inspire more daydreams. Whether your ideal destination is a hammock on the beach or a cabin in the woods, we all have one thing in common: everyone needs to take a break from time to time. That’s especially true for small business owners, who are more likely to struggle with work-life balance than workers in other roles. In fact, entrepreneurs overwhelmingly report that the running their business is more stressful than raising children. So how do small business owners get their much deserved time off, and begin bringing their lives back into balance? A good place to start is with an appreciation of just how valuable vacation time can be – not just for you, but for the success of your business as well. Healthy Boss, Healthy Business While most business owners are concerned with their bottom line first and foremost, a business can’t be healthy unless its leadership is healthy as well. The 1992 Framingham Heart Study, which still stands as the gold standard for long-term health studies, tracked workers over 20 years and discovered that men who don’t take vacations were 30% more likely to have heart attacks. For women, the number went up to 50%. Those numbers held true even after researchers took into account other health factors like diabetes, cigarette smoking, income levels and obesity. The conclusions from the study have been backed up by other similar research studies. Taking regular vacations from the office benefits more than just your physical health. It’s easy to lose focus when you’re consumed with the minutiae of keeping a business running. Small problems and everyday challenges can keep you from recognizing the progress you’ve made, or more importantly, recognizing opportunities when they arise. Taking a vacation gives you time to rest and recharge, and also to gain much-needed perspective – and inspiration. Even better? Taking regular vacations can actually improve your business’s productivity. Setting a Good Example Source: GALLUP When it comes to reducing healthcare costs, employee wellbeing has a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Employees who are thriving in overall…

Why Hiring a Travel Agent May Be a Better Idea Than You Think

By Jamie Cattanach Summer’s around the corner, and that means it’s time for a getaway. Goodness knows you need it. You’ve saved up the dough, finagled a few days (or even a week!) off from work, and are super ready for your hard-won break from reality. But first, you’ve got to plan it. And as […] The post Why Hiring a Travel Agent May Be a Better Idea Than You Think appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

How to Take Time Off When Self-Employed

By Sarah Landrum Most people assume the self-employed professional can take off whenever they please or take work with them, combining business and pleasure as a luxury traditionally employed folks don’t have. That’s a myth. With time and technology at your fingertips, you’re busy trying to take advantage of every second you have to make […] The post How to Take Time Off When Self-Employed appeared first on The Work at Home Woman.

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