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The 10 Best Throwback Thursday Ideas for Small Businesses in 2018

Is your small business capitalizing on the Throwback Thursday — aka #TBT — phenomenon? If not, it’s time to join in the race to post nostalgic content to reach out to and strike a chord with followers. Throwback Thursday Ideas If you’re unsure how to execute a Throwback Thursday strategy, help is here, with the following 10 best Throwback Thursday ideas small businesses are successfully using to celebrate #TBT in 2018. Share an Event You Hosted a Long Time Ago Okay, so if you’re a start-up this idea might not be applicable, but if your small business has been going for some time, use the #TBT trend to alert followers of your past events. If you have an image of a past event you are proud of, post the image — on a Thursday of course — with the #TBT hashtag and a brief description of the event. Posting about past events can be an effective way to gauge interest in a forthcoming event you have by tying past and future events together. Tweet Old Business Cards Another popular way to celebrate Throwback Thursday is to post an image of your old business cards. For maximum effect, post the old business card alongside your current business card. This will provide some subtle but effective marketing getting your business in front of anyone searching the #TBT hashtag. Jessica Borg, a reporter at KHOU, the CBS affiliate in Houston, does just this on Twitter. Post Baby Photos of Yourself or Employees No one can resist looking at baby photos of colleagues or, better still, their boss! Generate interest on your social media feeds by posting Throwback Thursday pictures of you or your colleagues as babies or kids. Garner even greater interest in the posts by asking people to guess who the youngster is. Share Photos of Past Projects Representing Milestones Show just how much your business has evolved and expanded over the years by posting a Throwback Thursday image of your first office or home office. It doesn’t need to be from a bygone era, as a #TBT post from several years…

Mode raises $3M Series A to put sensor data in the cloud

True Ventures has led the $3 million round for Mode, a real-time database that gives companies instant access to sensor data. GigaOm founder and True Ventures partner Om Malik has joined the startup’s board of directors as part of the deal. Sensor data is collected from vehicles, cell phones, appliances, medical equipment and other machines. Businesses deploying these sensors, however, often don’t have back-end databases or tools to understand what that data means for the real world. San Mateo-based Mode wants to help them make sense of it by moving the hoards of sensor data to the cloud, where they can better understand their devices and derive actionable insights. For now, Mode is targeting the solar, medical and manufacturing industries. “We focus on data collection because we want to address common infrastructure challenges and let customers spend their time utilizing data for their businesses,” said Gaku Ueda, Mode co-founder and Twitter’s former director of engineering. Ueda and co-founder Ethan Kan, who was previously the director of engineering at gaming startup 50Cubes, have a long history of friendship. True Ventures’ Malik says that’s part of what attracted him to the company. “Companies are not a straight line,” Malik told TechCrunch. “You go through ups and downs. If you have a good co-founder, you have someone to get you through it.” The round brings Mode’s total funding to $5 million. The company, which is also backed by Kleiner Perkins, and Fujitsu, will use the Series A financing to connect additional sensors to the cloud and expand its team.

Facebook and Twitter Shares Plunge Confirming That Email Marketing, List Building and More Are So Important

Facebook and Twitter shares are down. Use email marketing, create a good blog and have an awesome website. Ramon Ray says build your customer and prospect lists. Don’t just use social media alone to do your marketing. Social media is awesome, I use it all the time, however, you must touch your customers everywhere they are and how they want to be touched – or communicated. If you rely only on social media, you’ll be hosted to the whims and algorithms and changes of that particular platform.

Twitter Word Cloud Gives Businesses Insight Into How to Market Effectively

Twitter is on the upswing. After reporting its first profit in the last quarter of 2017, the first quarter of 2018 has made it two in a row. With that in mind, GoCompare’s Word Cloud of the most tweeted phrases is a timely piece of information on how to better use this social media channel. These phrases come from the top influencers on Twitter and the millions of messages that have been sent around the world. According to GoCompare, discovering the most tweeted words on the platform may give businesses clues about how to succeed with their social strategies. Small businesses are looking to increase their followings on Twitter and use the platform to market their brands. The phrases these influencers use may not always resonate with a particular brand, but they can provide insights into how to better engage with users. Martyn John, PR and Social Media Manager at GoCompare, said, “Most of us could probably guess who some of the most followed people on Twitter are, but rarely do we stop and think about the messages these influencers are actually sending to millions of people around the world.” The most tweeted phrases were collected from 50 of the most followed profiles on Twitter, excluding general news sites. From these profiles the last 1,000 tweets were pulled to create averages. They were then compiled for the word cloud. After being analyzed, four categories were created including self-promotion, industry related, socio-political and general/personal. 50 Top Twitter Influencers The Analysis First, positive tweets  seemed to have the edge over negatives. Specifically, 15% of the most tweeted words were positive while only 0.8% of these words were negative. And when it come to the theme expressed the most in these tweets, it was love. Other leading phrases and words trending high included “be thankful,” “don’t worry, be happy,” and “great.” More hilariously — and satirically — the Trump era ushered in the phrase, “make Twitter great again.” What Can Businesses Learn From These Tweets? Being positive and engaging with your users is the way to go because it seems to be paying…

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