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3 Ways to Remain Productive During the Summer

Sponsored Post Though we’re about halfway through it, there’s still a lot of “summer” remaining on the calendar. Which also means that there are still lot of potential “summer slump” distractions that can deter one’s focus on operating a small business. As an on-the-go entrepreneur, I am an extreme believer in the age-old adage that time is very often more valuable than money. And any processes or tools that I can utilize to save time and “automate” certain portions of my business – especially in the summer when pool dips, family gatherings and beach getaways are top of mind – I’m all for them. To keep the summer season from sizzling your productivity, here are three tips you can use as a small business owner to keep work moving forward. Set New Seasonal Goals and Stick To ‘Em Small business owners are accustomed to making fiscal year sales goals. Bur there is nothing written in stone that says they cannot be re-examined or even changed in the summer season, especially if seasonal changes have an impact on your business. For example, a caterer specializing in corporate holiday functions could set a new goal to cater five corporate summer parties. Or perhaps a moving company could explore expanding their service to a seasonal special for college students moving back home for summer break. The idea is that setting a new goal for the summer system not only keeps you productive in coming up with creative solutions to grow your business, you’ll also have an entire new business sub-segment to set goals for and increase revenues. Take It Back to Summer School When did you feel you knew absolutely everything about running, maintaining and revolutionizing your small business? The reality is that operating a small business is a continuous learning experience. And in the spirit of “summer school,” this could be an optimal time for small business owners to immerse themselves in learning new strategies, tips or tools that can elevate their business and improve their personal knowledge expertise. There are a wealth of resources – local continuing education courses, webinars, expert…

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