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‘Transform’ Shows How to Use Digital Technology to Boost Customer Experience

It’s one thing to launch a business, but a different issue to change how a business operates to fit a major shift in the marketplace.  That “but” is at the heart of success or failure of a business.  Businesses recognize that they are in a customer-centric environment. But what should an operation that is customer-centric look like to be effective? One book that strives to answer that question is Transform – A Rebel’s Guide for Digital Transformation by Gerry McGovern.  The book covers a digital agency and the building of a business culture around it.  McGovern knows the challenges well — having written 6 books on the subject.  McGovern has been a web consultant since 1994, working in over 30 countries for organizations such as Microsoft Cisco and the European Union. McGovern is the founder and CEO of Customer Care Words, a research company focused on understanding customer behavior. I discovered the book a while back at a conference and was impressed with the emphasis on culture McGovern brings to explain the value of digital transformation. What Is Transform About? Transform is meant to outline the steps involved in creating operations and processes that align organizations to customer activity. Throughout the book, McGovern advocates monitoring how balanced resources are among management, employee and customer.  He believes that “a new management model” will lead to customer-centric organizations. McGovern outlines how businesses that do not work to establish better operations risk losing the customer.  He also shares commentary about empathy and how fleeting online attention impacts campaigns. “The challenge is that as we need to become more empathetic, the opportunities to develop empathy are declining.” What I Liked About Transform I liked that serious thoughts aim the reader towards simplifying processes.  The ideas are timely, given that many long time conglomerates like General Electric are exploring similar operations to stay competitive.  A mention about how complexity creates distrust is a timely example. “Every time you do something that makes things simpler and easier for your customers you build trust. That’s why your job is critical to customer trust building,” McGovern said. McGovern writes…

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