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How To Prevent Most Common Entrepreneurial Stress Diseases

  From risk of stroke and high blood pressure to inferior vena cava (IVC) filter complications, there are numerous effects on your health that you expose yourself to as an entrepreneur. In this role, you need to have an extreme amount of self-motivation, versatility and adaptability and be willing to go through many risks. The payoffs for being an entrepreneur are, admittedly, very large. However, the price you have to pay can be just as large, if not larger. Studies show that some of the most successful entrepreneurs also face the highest risk for stress-related diseases.   Extended Seated Periods Sitting is the new kind of smoking. Some entrepreneurs, luckily, work outside in the field and spend precious little time sitting in their chairs and staring at a computer screen. Most entrepreneurs, however, spend much of their time sitting as they can run their entire business online. This is as a result of massive technological advancements. The average entrepreneur will work longer hours than the average hired person. This could be anything more than 60 hours a week. Spending such long periods of time staring at a computer means sitting in the same spot for very long periods of time. This can eventually lead to heart disease and mental illness. To save yourself from this, you’ll have to set up some kind of schedule for yourself that gives you ample time to do such things as stretch, take a walk and engage in other physical activities evenly throughout your day. There are plenty of furniture manufacturers who have also designed standing desks with bicycle pedals underneath to help you stay in shape as you work. Bad Quality Water Your body is at least 60 percent water. Your heart and brain, on the other hand, are each more than 70 percent water. It is obvious that water is essential to life. The problem, however, is that most Americans drink acidic water and eat acidic food that compromises their health. You need to drink water that promotes alkaline conditions in your body. Alkaline water can give you more energy, prevent disease, and…

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