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Indra Nooyi Steps Down from Pepsi – What Can Small Business Owners Learn from Her?

Running a company is no easy task. Imagine being in charge of a massive global corporation, then, doing it for over a decade. Anyone who has led a company has wisdom to share, especially Indra Nooyi, who is stepping down from her position as the CEO of PepsiCo. Whether you are a CEO of a large company, a small business owner, or a student, Nooyi has experiences that will help you grow personally and professionally. Indra Nooyi After spending 12 years at the helm of PepsiCo, CEO Indra Nooyi is planning to step down. She will not leave PepsiCo, but will serve as chairman of the board through early 2019. At age 62, she has outlasted most of her contemporary CEOs, who stay on in the position for an average of five years. Nooyi broke two major barriers with this position: she was the first woman and immigrant to led PepsiCo. On top of those two barriers, no woman had ever been CEO of a company as large as PepsiCo until Nooyi did it. During her 12 years as the CEO, she made changes at PepsiCo that kept the company profitable. As customers moved away from sugary sodas and salty snacks, Nooyi oversaw the purchase of Quaker Foods. This purchase added a healthier collection of products to PepsiCo’s lineup. She also worked hard to keep the company together after one of the investors decided that that he wanted to divide the company into two, with a Frito-Lay division and a soda division. The importance of education With all that she has experienced, she has plenty of wisdom to share. One of the secrets of her success is that she studied STEM courses in school. She told Freakonomics Radio that students who study sciences early in their schooling are better prepared to learn other subjects as they get older. She said: “And your scientific disciplines play a very important role, and grounds you very well as you move into positions of higher and higher authority, whatever the job is.” It is clear that education is important to Nooyi. She earned her…

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