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Social Media Platforms Your Company is NOT Utilizing

One of the defining marvels of this day and age is social media. Social media platforms are constantly changing the way we think about and receive information and is actively… Read more » The post Social Media Platforms Your Company is NOT Utilizing appeared first on

Online marketing tips every business owner should know

Creating a robust online presence is one of the best ways to market your business, showcase your products and services, and grow your customer base. But with so many online marketing channels, where do you start? How can you create a strong online presence that attracts people’s attention — and their dollars? Join our free webinar, Online marketing tips every business owner should know, for expert insights on getting started with online marketing. And get a behind-the-scenes look at the decisions made on the Small Business Revolution — Main Street series. What will this webinar cover Common website pitfalls to avoid Tips and tricks to get your social media posts liked, shared and seen Secrets to emails that stand out in a crowded inbox About the presenters Linzi Breckenridge, Director of Content Experience at Deluxe Corp., seeks to use remarkable content to impact the customer journey — one experience at a time. She understands the unique challenges that small business owners face because she spent 10 years running her own business and enjoying marketing roles at two startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elizabeth Anderson is the Director of Social Media & Content at Deluxe Corp. She is passionate about connecting brands to consumers in meaningful ways. She has 10 years’ experience developing social media strategy for national brands across numerous vertical industries. Erica Adams is the Principal Marketing Manager at Deluxe Corp. She masterfully leverages her vast experience in web and digital strategy, content marketing, and communications to drive business results. The post Online marketing tips every business owner should know appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

Retail planning: Keep your customers after the sale

Maintaining relationships with customers is one of the best things you can do for your business. You’ll find it simpler and more profitable to retain a customer in the long run, so don’t let your relationship slack after their first purchase. There are quick and easy methods of maintaining relationships with your customers, like connecting through social media. But don’t stop there. Make a plan to make your post-purchase follow-up successful. You’ll want to be thoughtful about what you send so that your customers look forward to hearing from you. Here’s how: Sell the plan  Decide what you want to gain through post-purchase follow-up communications and who will be involved. Likely, you’ll partner with your marketing person or team to build a relationship with customers and (ultimately) get them to buy more later. Don’t get bogged down by the details, but make sure you have a good summary to highlight the key points and benefits of your plan. Make it enticing and easy to read, so others in your company can grasp it quickly and fully.  Get social Once you’ve made it through order and shipping confirmations (if they’re applicable), don’t immediately jump to sending those generic promotional emails. This is your chance to solidify your brand in the customer’s mind. Take time to thank customers for shopping and include links to social media accounts encouraging them to stay connected. Think of it like making a new friend: You might follow them on Instagram, but you wouldn’t immediately start asking them to do favors for you. You can invite them to share their purchase on social media, tagging your business in the post, but don’t force anything other than a way of connecting. Reach more people with social media management A dedicated social media marketing specialist will create customized content and ad campaigns to engage your followers. GET STARTED >> Have a conversation As much as possible, personalize the emails you send. Personalization adds a human touch that makes customers feel valued and leads to higher open rates. It’s OK to include products in emails, but don’t alienate people by pushing your products or services on them.…

8 Ways to Market Your Dental or Healthcare Practice via Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram, you better get to it. Instagram is a social media platform that is easily one of the top marketing platforms out there. With millions of users using it daily, you better believe it’s a great tool to utilize for your business’s growth. More and more consumers follow their favorite brands […] The post 8 Ways to Market Your Dental or Healthcare Practice via Instagram appeared first on SmallBizClub.

Use This Easy Reddit Storytelling Strategy to Get Freelance Writing Jobs

Need more freelance writing jobs? You might be using traditional methods likes queries and letters of introduction. But are you tapping into social media channels to connect with more people? Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter get a lot of love for helping freelancers connect with prospects and land freelance writing jobs. But they’re not the only social channels out there you can leverage to get more work. Ever heard of Reddit? It’s cleverly branded as “The front page of the Internet.” This social media site has an estimated 12 million users, and they’re not all looking for funny cat videos. In fact, with just a little bit of effort, you can use Reddit to connect with people in your niche to generate leads and land freelance writing jobs. If you’re good at storytelling and like to write, you can do this. It’s not that hard. Here’s how I got over 30 leads on Reddit with a single post: The niche universe of Reddit for freelancers What’s your freelance writing niche? Tech, financial, health, non-profits, real estate? Some niches for freelance writers are more lucrative than others, but there’s no shortage of niche industries, business and publications that pay pro rates. So where do you find your ideal clients and more freelance writing jobs? Some examples include: Letters of introduction Query letters In-person networking Lead magnets Organic SEO Guest posting Job boards Content mills Referrals Social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter And then there’s Reddit. This often-overlooked social channel can be a lead-generation outlet for freelance writers. Here’s why: subReddits. subReddits are the collection of passionate mini-communities inside of Reddit for almost any niche you can think of. There’s even a subReddit for Underwater Basket Weaving, although it only has 5 community members and two total posts. So it’s probably not a niche to find good freelance writing jobs. But some of your ideal clients may be on Reddit. Good Karma attracts freelance writing prospects When you write an effective LOI or follow-up with a prospect, it’s a good practice to add value, provide insight, or share something useful. And Reddit works…

What’s on the menu: Everything you need to know about restaurant delivery services

Mobile technology has made many aspects of life more convenient, including ordering food. For restaurant owners, this is a boon. Even if you don’t have the resources to offer delivery on your own, you can now enlist the help of third-party services to get your food into the hands (and mouths) of hungry locals. Here is an overview of the most popular third-party food delivery services, including the options available, the pros and cons, and how to start using these services in your business. What are the benefits of restaurant delivery services? Before we look at which services you may want to consider, let’s keep in mind some of the benefits a third-party delivery service can bring to your restaurant: Demand is on the rise Home food delivery is expected to grow 79 percent during the next five years, according to the investment firm Cowen. In terms of dollars, the delivery market will grow from $43 billion in 2017 to $76 billion in 2022. You’ll remain competitive Offering an online delivery option helps your business compete with other similar restaurants in your area. Further, it may give you a competitive advantage over restaurants that do not deliver. Strong order accuracy Since third-party delivery services take orders online, there is less risk you’ll misunderstand an order, as is sometimes the case when taking orders over the phone. You’ll make more money Giving customers as many options as possible when it comes to ordering your food will translate to more orders overall. It will help attract younger customers More than half of millennials (55 percent) say convenience is among the top drivers when buying food, according to the International Food Information Council. Offering delivery is a great way to attract millennial consumers. Each young customer you get to order your food is another chance at building your long-term customer base. What are the drawbacks of restaurant delivery services? Here are two things to be aware of before getting started with a delivery service: It requires a financial investment Services vary, but each provider typically charges a percentage of each online order as…

Here’s What Running Multiple Facebook Ads Does for Your Business

A question we’re often asked is, “Should I have more than one Facebook ad running?” Or “Does having multiple ads even work?” The short answer is, yes! Absolutely. We don’t have anything against running multiple ads running, and in most cases we recommend it. Here’s why. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let me […] The post Here’s What Running Multiple Facebook Ads Does for Your Business appeared first on SmallBizClub.

A Delicate Balance

In the Mad Men days of advertising, it was all about mass media, reach and frequency. How many people can you reach and how often can you get your message in front of them? Today’s marketing is a little more complicated than that. The channels have shifted from print, radio, and TV to more than […] The post A Delicate Balance appeared first on SmallBizClub.

6 Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn: Tips to Bolster Engagement

How’s your LinkedIn game these days? If you’re stuck in the same old rut, you’re not alone. If you’re struggling in vain to come up with post-worthy content ideas that… Read more » The post 6 Types of Content to Post on LinkedIn: Tips to Bolster Engagement appeared first on

Social media: What small business owners need to know

For many small business owners, staying up to date with social media can feel overwhelming, if not impossible. In this free webinar presented by Deluxe Corporation in partnership with SCORE, we’ll examine the social media landscape. Learn what you need to do on social, and the platforms you may want to use to promote your business and events. Get additional tips and social intel, such as: The top social media myths holding you back How — and where — to build a strong social presence What makes great social media content How to supercharge your message with paid social advertising About the presenter Katie Cerney is the Director of Social Media Strategy, Small Business Services, at Deluxe Corp. She is a versatile and innovative marketer focused on helping businesses achieve their goals, and creating seamless customer experiences across digital and social platforms.   The post Social media: What small business owners need to know appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

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