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Is Your Small Business Social? Here Are 4 Tips for Social Success

You may have heard, “If it’s not happening on social media, it’s not happening.” This is especially true for small businesses trying to connect with new customers. However, many small… Read more » The post Is Your Small Business Social? Here Are 4 Tips for Social Success appeared first on

Small business advice: Your top 10 questions, answered

Deluxe launched the Small Business Revolution in 2015 to shine a light on the amazing businesses that make our communities great. Through the years, I’ve traveled to communities across the country, meeting hundreds of business owners who have taken the brave step to start their own businesses. I’m passionate about helping small businesses thrive and eager to share the knowledge I’ve built from my years in marketing and advertising. And with Deluxe’s more than 100 years of working with small businesses, we have a wealth of knowledge that can really make a difference in helping a business thrive. Here are the top 10 questions that entrepreneurs tend to ask me, and my answers. 1. I have a great idea for a business. How should I get started? Starting a business can be daunting. Ask for help! Reach out to SCORE: a nationwide nonprofit that arranges mentorships between experienced entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. Beyond getting one-on-one support, you should also do some research about your potential market and industry. And seek out resources to learn more about marketing and operating your business. 2. I’m not a numbers person. How do I stay on top of my business finances? Start simple by creating a small business budget. Done properly, a budget gives you visibility into your profits, improves your cash flow and helps track progress toward your long-term business goals. If budgeting and financial planning are too tough or time-consuming, consider hiring an accountant. 3. I can’t afford to spend much on marketing. How do I get the most bang for my buck? Many small businesses spend $1,000 per year or less on marketing. However, if you want to attract new customers, keep in touch with existing clients or grow your business, it’s crucial to develop a marketing strategy. Every business is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how to spend your marketing dollars. That said, social media advertising, print marketing and search engine marketing can be affordable tools to reach your target. 4. I know I need an awesome website. Where do I start? When it comes to creating…

Amplify your online presence and get found

When potential customers search for your business on the internet, are you showing up on page one, or are you nowhere to be found? If you’re not online, you’re as good as invisible to customers. They can’t consider your products or services. They won’t even know you exist. Join our free webinar, Amplify your online presence and get found, for steps you can take right now to make your online presence known — and connect with customers searching online. In this webinar: Discover tactics to elevate your Google search rankings Reach more customers with Facebook Learn quick fixes for your online listings Bust through the myths keeping you from social media success About the presenters Noah Turner is the Senior Manager of Search Engine Optimization at Deluxe Corp. He has more than 10 years of experience in online marketing and web development and enjoys helping Fortune 100 companies and small business owners create winning online strategies. Abel Johnson is an SEO Specialist at Deluxe Corp. who is dedicated to helping small businesses stand out and attract new customers. He combines data, trends and best practices to develop and implement SEO strategies that improve results. Katie Cerney is the Director of Social Media Strategy, Small Business Services, at Deluxe Corp. She is a versatile and innovative marketer focused on helping businesses achieve their goals and creating seamless customer experiences across digital and social platforms. The post Amplify your online presence and get found appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

Social Media Tactics and Strategies That Will Work for Your Business

Most services that offer social media analytics such as sharedcount emphasize the changing nature of social media marketing. If you are using social media to generate new leads and get… Read more » The post Social Media Tactics and Strategies That Will Work for Your Business appeared first on

The myth of the viral video

Who doesn’t love a wacky, heartwarming or adorable internet video? As a business owner, you may have even created a few of them yourself to help promote your products or services. Over the years, you’ve likely noticed that some of the videos you’re sharing are merely popular. That is to say, they’ll be shared by you and your network and viewed a few dozen or few hundred times, if that. However, other videos spread like wildfire across social media, quickly racking up millions of views on YouTube or Facebook in a matter of days. This type of buzz-worthy content is known as a viral video. From a cat playing a keyboard to small children interrupting their father as he’s interviewed on an international news program, viral videos take many forms. Many businesses are now creating promotional videos and ads that are specifically intended to amass millions of views on social media, and ultimately to generate interest in their companies. Viral videos and business The success of campaigns like Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” are likely at the root of this strategy. The Old Spice ad originally aired as a television commercial but found a second life on social media. It has earned 55 million views on YouTube and led to an 11 percent increase in Old Spice sales back in 2010 when it premiered. The ad was an internet hit, and for a small business owner, it’s only logical to want to replicate that kind of success. However, trying to create a video in the hopes that it will go viral likely won’t be worth it for your brand. Along with all of those amazing viral videos that we watch every day comes a misconception about how brands should use video content: business owners who are active on social media believe that creating viral content is the best way to get people talking about a company. But devoting a significant amount of your time and energy to trying to create viral social content is actually an exercise in futility. Here are three reasons why developing consistent, quality content — not…

Social Media Platforms Your Company is NOT Utilizing

One of the defining marvels of this day and age is social media. Social media platforms are constantly changing the way we think about and receive information and is actively… Read more » The post Social Media Platforms Your Company is NOT Utilizing appeared first on

Online marketing tips every business owner should know

Creating a robust online presence is one of the best ways to market your business, showcase your products and services, and grow your customer base. But with so many online marketing channels, where do you start? How can you create a strong online presence that attracts people’s attention — and their dollars? Join our free webinar, Online marketing tips every business owner should know, for expert insights on getting started with online marketing. And get a behind-the-scenes look at the decisions made on the Small Business Revolution — Main Street series. What will this webinar cover Common website pitfalls to avoid Tips and tricks to get your social media posts liked, shared and seen Secrets to emails that stand out in a crowded inbox About the presenters Linzi Breckenridge, Director of Content Experience at Deluxe Corp., seeks to use remarkable content to impact the customer journey — one experience at a time. She understands the unique challenges that small business owners face because she spent 10 years running her own business and enjoying marketing roles at two startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. Elizabeth Anderson is the Director of Social Media & Content at Deluxe Corp. She is passionate about connecting brands to consumers in meaningful ways. She has 10 years’ experience developing social media strategy for national brands across numerous vertical industries. Erica Adams is the Principal Marketing Manager at Deluxe Corp. She masterfully leverages her vast experience in web and digital strategy, content marketing, and communications to drive business results. The post Online marketing tips every business owner should know appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

Retail planning: Keep your customers after the sale

Maintaining relationships with customers is one of the best things you can do for your business. You’ll find it simpler and more profitable to retain a customer in the long run, so don’t let your relationship slack after their first purchase. There are quick and easy methods of maintaining relationships with your customers, like connecting through social media. But don’t stop there. Make a plan to make your post-purchase follow-up successful. You’ll want to be thoughtful about what you send so that your customers look forward to hearing from you. Here’s how: Sell the plan  Decide what you want to gain through post-purchase follow-up communications and who will be involved. Likely, you’ll partner with your marketing person or team to build a relationship with customers and (ultimately) get them to buy more later. Don’t get bogged down by the details, but make sure you have a good summary to highlight the key points and benefits of your plan. Make it enticing and easy to read, so others in your company can grasp it quickly and fully.  Get social Once you’ve made it through order and shipping confirmations (if they’re applicable), don’t immediately jump to sending those generic promotional emails. This is your chance to solidify your brand in the customer’s mind. Take time to thank customers for shopping and include links to social media accounts encouraging them to stay connected. Think of it like making a new friend: You might follow them on Instagram, but you wouldn’t immediately start asking them to do favors for you. You can invite them to share their purchase on social media, tagging your business in the post, but don’t force anything other than a way of connecting. Reach more people with social media management A dedicated social media marketing specialist will create customized content and ad campaigns to engage your followers. GET STARTED >> Have a conversation As much as possible, personalize the emails you send. Personalization adds a human touch that makes customers feel valued and leads to higher open rates. It’s OK to include products in emails, but don’t alienate people by pushing your products or services on them.…

8 Ways to Market Your Dental or Healthcare Practice via Instagram

If you’re not on Instagram, you better get to it. Instagram is a social media platform that is easily one of the top marketing platforms out there. With millions of users using it daily, you better believe it’s a great tool to utilize for your business’s growth. More and more consumers follow their favorite brands […] The post 8 Ways to Market Your Dental or Healthcare Practice via Instagram appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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