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7 Smartphone Apps for Busy Small Business Owners

Guest Article Having your own business and being your own boss is a huge accomplishment. The mere fact that you have opted for a more challenging path to build a business is something to already be proud of. As many of us are running businesses on the go, it’s has become really important to stay up on the latest technology that will allow you to respond to customer and close business from anywhere. So, if you are looking for ways to leverage your smartphone as you manage your business, there is a huge range of smartphone apps intended to make running and growing a business much easier. Fortunately, there are solutions that can help you manage your life and your business as your enterprise grows. Here are a few smartphone apps for busy small business owners. 1. Slack This is a messaging app that does so much more than let you and your workers communicate with each other. You can share files and reports on this app because you can link it to Google Drive. Collaborating on work is made easy through this app and you can download it for free. Another advantage Slack can provide is it will allow you to easily keep tabs on your workers and check on the progress they are making with their tasks. 2. Hours This is one of the most highly recommended productivity apps for smartphones. It tracks the time you spend on tasks versus the time you spend on non-work related activities. By the end of your workweek, the app will provide you a report which you can use to determine how you can make smarter use of your work hours. 3. Evernote This note-taking app will help you keep a record of the many ideas you come up with for your business. Whenever a new idea pops into your head, you can quickly jot it down on Evernote for future reference. 4. Trello This project management app will allow you and your workers to organize all your tasks or assignments in a highly efficient manner. You just create cards for your…

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