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Avoid Lavatory Flush Buttons and Self Check-In Surfaces on Your Next Business Trip

Business travel has increased, with an estimated 1.3 million business trips occurring each day in the U.S. An equally staggering number of small business owners fly the friendly skies for business purposes each year, including flying to meet a client, attend a conference or just to explore new markets for expansion. While business travel may be important and necessary for your business, germs found at airports pose a serious health risk for business travelers. Germs When You Travel a Risk for Business Folks on the Road According to Austin, Texas-based online insurance provider, the increased number of business travelers and increased foot traffic through airports over the past nine years has increased the germs brought in by passengers and left waiting for their source of transportation: you. InsuranceQuotes conducted a study to determine the average number of viable bacteria and fungal cells per square inch, or colony-forming units across three major U.S. airports and airline flights, including the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. The insurance provider did 18 tests of six airport surfaces during the busy holiday season, and the results were eye-opening. Apparently, the number of germs found on some airport surfaces were recorded at over 1 million colony-forming units. In comparison, an average of only 172 colony-forming units (PDF) are found on toilet seats. Needless to say, many types of germs and bacteria (not all types) can make you sick and ruin your business trip. Most Germ-Laden Airport Surfaces Some of the dirtiest and most germ-laden surfaces at airports were identified as the self-check-in screen, airline gate bench armrest and water fountain button. One airline self-check-in screen recorded over 1 million colony-forming units, with the average being 253,857. The average colony-forming units on airline gate bench armrests and water fountain buttons was 21, 630 and 19, 181 respectively. Inside airplanes, the most germ-filled surfaces were identified as lavatory flush buttons, seat belt buckle and tray tables. Yuck! Of all the germs and bacteria in airports and airplanes, the most helpful, disease-fighting bacteria were most likely to be found on airport water fountain buttons, making up 59 percent…

The Best and Worst International Airlines for Small Business Travelers in 2018

Consumers choose a brand for a host of different reasons, and the new survey carried out by asked international passengers which airline they would like to fly based just on the logo. And not surprisingly, depending on how you look at it, one of the best airlines in the world, Etihad was first. Remember this was just based on the logo of the company. This result highlights why it is significant for companies to put their best effort into all of their customer-facing products, whether it is a logo or something else. For international small business travelers, the logo may be a nice feature, but value is more important. And as more small businesses continue to expand globally, finding the best value for their travel budget is a challenge. The study was extensive, analyzing the survey from 24,000 people between the age of 17 and 78 in 68 countries who flew in the past 24 months. The survey was part of a larger study on corporate logos and branding penetration. The goal was to understand how marketing and other pieces of data affect travelers on the desirability of a particular airline and whether they would like to fly on it. The Result Brands associated with luxury, such as Etihad and Qatar airlines were in the top three, with Germany’s Lufthansa taking the third place. For these airlines, 98, 96, and 95 percent of the respondents respectively said they would like to fly them. When it comes to the most recognized airlines, Lufthansa and British Airways took top spots, which in part affected how respondents felt about the airlines overall. Being recognized brings with it biases both good and bad. For overall desirability, the airlines from the Gulf States, such as Emirates, Qatar, Etihad and even Turkish Airlines are all seeing their brand growing. 2018 Best and Worst International Airlines The Top Tier Airlines The Bottom Tier Airlines Brand recognition plays a very important role for any company. And in this survey, companies with highly recognized brands did much better than those with little recognition. Air Astana from Kazakhstan was…

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