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Shopping on Instagram (and Beyond) – What to Expect

Instagram as it stands is crucial to the development of businesses everywhere. Whether it’s paying Instagram influencers to promote brands, managing user-generated content campaigns, or purchasing Instagram ads, Instagram has developed as one of the premiere apps for businesses looking to increase their brand awareness. Since the 2016 launch of the “Instagram Business Profile,” in which Instagram began to offer analytics data and a user-friendly advertisement creation system, the number of businesses marketing on Instagram has risen from 1.6 million in 2016 to 15 million in 2017 to a whopping 25 million today. According to Instagram’s internal data 80% of Instagram users follow business accounts, and according to eMarketer, 71% of businesses in the United States have Instagram accounts. Instagram Business users have been employing tools such as branded hashtags (hashtags increase engagement by at least 12.6%), user-generated content campaigns (users are 4.5% more likely to engage with your brand if you employ influencers), and Instagram analytics and public data that reveals information such as top-performing post-types (tip: photos with faces get 38% more likes) and the 80/20 rule (20% of content should be promotional and 80% should focus on engagement) to gain followers and increase brand awareness ( Now, Instagram has developed a method to translate that brand awareness directly into sales. According to The Verge, Instagram is in the process of developing a tie-in shopping app that allows Instagram users to browse the goods of businesses they follow and directly purchase them. This app intends to make it easier for users to reach and purchase content they already enjoy, and in turn makes it easier for businesses to remind individuals who enjoy their content that they are more than just a page with great content, but a brand with products users can take home. This app will be particularly helpful in promoting small businesses in the world of online shopping, which attracts 79% of shoppers in America. Online shopping for small businesses has been historically dominated by websites such as Amazon that bring products of all different types together on an accessible platform, but that does not promote individualized content…

Will Facebook Dominate Local? New Changes Challenge Google

The unexpected and impending change in Newsfeed announced by Mark Zuckerberg in January 2018 is affecting both the personal profile and the business page. But, the drastic Newsfeed change is set to overhaul and leave an impact on the professional pages, especially for small and medium-size companies. With more than 80 million businesses using the social media platform such pages are an integral part of the entire Facebook ecosystem. As per the recent changes, Facebook will show less of posts from business pages, videos, links to external blogs – which means less visibility of the content posted from business and professional pages. However, the new Facebook update has come as a sign of relief for small local businesses because the change will make it simpler for the customers to find and interact with the local businesses. And, the change possesses a serious threat to Google Local. The social networking service is gradually making a transition to become a useful tool for the members. 4 Imperative Changes of Business Pages on Facebook 1) Prominence of the recommendation feature To make it easier for the local small businesses, Facebook has made the recommendation feature prominent, which is helping local businesses to cultivate recommendations among the customers. Getting the user to click on the recommendation button will lead to a timeline post, which is then visible to the friends and family members of the customer. It is working as a potent stimulus for local businesses to reach their audience. And, it’s probably the most significant aspect of the Facebook Local. 2) Enhancement in local searches While Google Local is the dominant platform for local search, Facebook wants to increase its market share, Facebook local is helping users in their search for local SMBs. Even though the search engines like Google Local dominates the local searches at 80% percent compared to 48% for the social networking site, Facebook is a dark horse in the race and probably the only one which can match Google’s size, resources, and audience. The new local search results are displaying information by popularity among friends and not strangers. Furthermore,…

Create Raving Fans Says Birchbox Chief Customer Officer

On the occasion of a panel discussion hosted by collaboration services company, Slack, Ramon Ray interviewed Birchbox Chief Customer Officer, Amanda Tolleson, getting her insights on marketing for small businesses (video below). Her number one tip, and what Birchbox does so well, is that we need to create fans – raving fans. Small business growth comes from our current customers. Selling one customers is “easy” but getting the customer to come back again and again and refer others is so important and essential. Ask yourself, what does your brand stand for and how can we deliver an experience to our customers, way beyond the product itself. If you do this right, your brand’s products or services will become something that they care about so much more for their lives that they can’t help but tell other people about their experiences. In this way you not only have a customer but you now have a fan. How to do this? Know your customer. Find out what motivates them to buy from you and why they picked you as opposed to the competition. It doesn’t take any money to do customer research, just pick up the phone and ask five customers. Five customers is better than no customers.

Take Your Small Business to New Heights With The Right Marketing Choices

Managing to develop and expand a small business is not exactly an easy task, considering the level of competition this one faces. Appealing profits and reasonable brand success may seem… Read more » The post Take Your Small Business to New Heights With The Right Marketing Choices appeared first on

How can SMBs Think Like a Pinner and Drive Sales on Pinterest?

Back in 2010, Pinterest was a social media platform replicating the bulletin board of a college or a school, but in 2018 with more than 200 million monthly users, it has quietly risen to success as a powerful search engine and an important shopping platform.  Unlike other social media platforms such as Facebook, which primarily drives your selfie habit, Pinterest opens a sea of opportunities for the small business owners. 93% of the Pinners use the platform to plan purchases, and the platform has seen a 40% increase in the number of users over the last two years. SMBs and Pinterest – A match made in heaven For SMBs, the platform is a crucial marketing toolbox because it works as a visual discovery engine and helps the customer find what they love. In 2017, 67% of the Pinners discovered new brand or products from business content on Pinterest.  Whether you’re looking to increase the brand awareness,  drive the web traffic to your website, or drive customer engagement – Pinterest in your one-stop-destination.  The social media platform effortlessly makes the promoted content as useful as the organic content.  Furthermore, Pinterest caters to SMBs with tools to optimize results and make the most of marketing budgets. Let us understand, how the platform is lending a helping hand to the SMBs in their marketing efforts. 1) Chatbooks The SMB captures memories from social media and brings them to life, recently ran a Promoted Pin campaign and encouraged Pinners to bring their summer memories to life. The campaign was a massive success because the sales team witnessed up to 3x more clicks on their ads and 15% lower cost per clicks within the first 90 days of launching of their ads. 2) LitJoy Crate The company which is a monthly book box decided to use Pinterest’s promoted pins to drive acquisition among their audience of women aged 20-35. LitJoy Crate achieved a CPA 70% lower than their average CPA on marketing channels, acquiring new customers for only $3-$5 per customer. The sky is the limit for business using Pinterest! How to get started? The…

The essential guide to small business marketing

In a massively competitive business landscape, small business marketing can be a real struggle for company owners, particularly in the early stages of a company. Faced with the task of getting the word out on a limited budget, it can be hard to know what the best-value techniques are to grow your database, increase your The post The essential guide to small business marketing appeared first on Small Business.

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