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How the Right Supplies Can Maximize Productivity and Print Performance

Business owners and managers are faced with big decisions day in, and day out. They’re also faced with big challenges. Reducing overhead. Increasing productivity. Which MFP is right for our office? Should we let our teams work remotely? That’s why it’s such a relief to find that every once in a while, a decision comes along that is easy to make – and which yields big results, with little effort. In this case, the magic word is toner. That’s right: toner. The supplies you choose are as important to the productivity of your office and the cost of running it as the equipment you choose. It’s a gospel we’ve been preaching for years, but not everyone has gotten the message. That’s why we’re talking about it again today, to give you a detailed look at just what choosing the right supplies can do for your office productivity, and for another critical element of your office output: your print performance. Often overlooked, toner is the unsung hero of the modern workplace, having undergone significant changes in recent years that has made it easier to use and also less expensive at the same time. Not many office products can say the same. Here’s how today’s office supplies can help you build a better office, starting with everyone’s favorite: Lower costs. While cost isn’t everything, it is a driving factor for many office purchases. While genuine supplies are always a better investment in the long run, most people would be surprised to know that quality toner is more affordable than ever before. Technological advances in toner design have resulted in better, less expensive, and safer materials, as well as machines that operate faster and cleaner. An excellent example is the EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner from Xerox. Because EA toners melt at a lower temperature than other toners, EA toners adhere to paper better without building up inside the machine. Because toner build up eventually leads to a service call, EA toners make for greater dependability. And because they melt at a lower temperature, they also result in lower energy consumption, saving you an average of 20%…

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