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How to Hire Your First Salesperson

Sales is the fuel of a business. If you are the only person who is thinking about how your business makes money, you are in trouble. It’s one thing to have product or service, but you must have an organized way to generate leads, follow-up on them, close business and manage the relationship after the sales. That’s a lot of work for one busy business owner. If you don’t have time to nurture new sales or have a fear of selling, it’s time to hire your first salesperson. Before you bring on a salesperson, you want to set yourself up for success. Here are my 5 best tips for hiring help with sales. Know What Sales Help You Need Before you begin the hunt, decide exactly what kind of sales assistance you need. Are you looking for a salesperson who can get leads and appointments, spending a few hours selling your products or services each week, or do you need someone full-time to sell for your organization and close deals? How will you pay your salesperson, commission only, salary only, or some combination? The better you define the role, your needs, and your compensation structure, the more likely you are to attract sales talent. Develop a Sales Process You must plan for success. You should develop your sales process, if you want to hand it over to a professional salesperson. Get to know your customer. Fine tune your value proposition. Get clear on your typical sales cycles.  Research when your top clients and targets budgets renew. Give options for the best ways to reach customers and targets with your marketing message?(i.e. direct mail, email, phone or social media) Identify your buyer personas, existing customers and target customers so that you can use these materials to train your new salesperson. Start Using a CRM You need to make sure your salesperson has tools to use to be successful. LinkedIn is good to start, but if you have existing customers for your salesperson to contact, you need an organized way to track all the communication and a CRM system is the way…

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