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10 Best Salesforce Apps for Small Businesses

Salesforce is a CRM platform that allows small businesses to manage all of their sales, marketing and customer service communications in one place. Launched back in 1999, it has become one of the most popular platforms of its kind. Part of the reason that Salesforce has become so widely used is the ability to completely customize the experience through the use of third party apps. The marketplace features apps for managing marketing processes, accessing analytical data, scheduling and more. To access these apps, you can browse or search within the AppExchange marketplace and then purchase or download the ones you want to use right from the site. If you’re looking to add some new apps to your Salesforce experience, here are some top choices to consider. Best Salesforce Apps Campaign Monitor for Salesforce The top email marketing and mass emails tool in Salesforce, Campaign Monitor lets you quickly add your customer records and keep an eye on subscriber activity, from opens and clicks to opt-outs. The free tool is fully integrate with Salesforce and gives you one of the easiest ways to manage mass communication with customers via email. 10 Simple & Useful Reports to Know Your Customers Better From Salesforce Labs, this free tool gives you the answers to 10 of the most common and helpful questions you might have about your customers, including where they’re located and which customers have been updated within the past week. Essentially, it gives you a free and easy way to access insights that could help you shape your sales and marketing tactics. Formstack Formstack is an app that allows you to build forms without coding. It’s a Salesforce-native program that lets you collect data online or on mobile with just a few clicks, so you can easily find out more about your customers and then use that data to better serve them or shape your new products, services or marketing initiatives. It costs $79 per user per month. Eventable Calendar Marketing A free app, Eventable offers a simple interface for custom calendar notifications. You can send events to contacts, manage events in…

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