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How the Boost Your 3rd Quarter Sales

This week kicks of the beginning of third quarter which means you have basically a little more than five months to reach you annual revenue goal. But if you are too busy making the donuts to focus on closing your next large donut order you will soon have yet another cash crunch. If you are the main sales person in your business and you’re not making the sales you want, it’s time to assess how much time you’re spending (or if we are keeping it real, not spending) on nurturing prospects and closing deals. When you’re a solopreneur, responsible for not only sales, but finance, admin, operations, and marketing.… it’s easy to become overwhelmed and forget about working on sales consistently. While we all wish that we could clone ourselves, you need to focus on the thing closes to money first. In other works, you need to maximize the time you spend on sales. Here’s how you can organize your time to boast your 3rd Quarter Sales efforts. Make the Time Before you laugh at the idea of finding an extra time in your action-packed schedule, trust me there are things you need to stop doing. I have rule, if your time is billable at $75-$400/per hour why would you spend your time on $15-$20/per hour work? When it comes to low level administrative tasks (that you might not be that good at anyway), you should outsource it, delegate it or automate it. So many of us waste our days on the wrong activities, and it’s not even obvious until your sales pipeline is dry. Once you start really paying attention, you’ll see where the time goes. For one week, write everything you do in a calendar, including how much time you spend on each activity. So Monday might look like: 8-8:30 am: checked emails and responded to them 8:30-8:45 am: coffee break 8:45-10 am: wrote blog posts 10-10:45 am: aimlessly surfed social media, especially Instagram [time waster!] 10:45-11 am: spoke to client You see where this is going, Right? The goal here is to find those spots of time when you’re not doing things that will…

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