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The Three Most-Overlooked Digital Marketing Hacks Small-Businesses Forget To Utilize

Every day I encounter another small-business struggling to gain tracking in the digital world. The frustrating thing is, today, it’s absolutely critical to be present and active in the digital space. To ignore it is to intentionally leave potential new business on the table. Here are three digital marketing tactics that most small-businesses forget to utilize and how you can leverage them to get your business growing again. Display and Social Remarketing Remarketing efforts are still the number one tactic I see small-businesses leaving on the table. Remarketing is the relatively simple process of tagging site visitors and then remarketing to them based on what pages and content they may have viewed. The two primary ways to deploy remarketing are Google Remarketing with the Google Remarketing Tag and Facebook Remarketing which utilizes Facebook’s Pixel code. Both allow you to implement better-targeted display ads across Google’s display network and targeted social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.  While the backend coding can be a little intimidating, an effective remarketing campaign, via Google Adwords or Facebook’s ad platforms, is easily managed. If your business is still not taking advantage of this tactic, reach out to an agency or freelance resource.  They can quickly set-up a remarketing plan for you, and it will be the marketing expenditure you make all year. Developing Content That Speak’s To Your Customers While the site content you’re providing might be helpful to your visitors, often it fails to convert because companies forget to customize their content to match the ultimate intent of your most ideal customers, the ones who are already somewhere in the conversion funnel. Developing a comprehensive content strategy is more a case of hitting-up the right people with the right message at the right time. Too often, companies post content that is too general, thus failing to be relevant. Take what you have learned about your customers’ various buying personas and figure out what the trigger points were for each. After that, develop additional content that specifically addresses their needs and intents during the buying process (do they, for instance, need the reassurance of…

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