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3DHubs, once a community 3D printing service, is now sourcing all 3D prints internally

3D Hubs, like MakeXYZ, was a community-based 3D printing service that let anyone with a printer sell their prints online. Founded in the heyday of the 3D printing revolution, the service let thousands of makers gather a little cash for making and mailing prints on their home 3D printers. Now, however, the company has moved to a model in which its high-end partners will be manufacturing plastic, metal, and injection molded parts for customers willing to pay extra for a professional print. “Indeed, more focus on high end printers run by professional companies,” said founder Brian Garret. “So a smaller pool of manufacturing locations (still hundreds around the world), but with more control on standardized quality and repeatability. Our software takes care of the sourcing, so companies order with 3D Hubs directly.” Not everyone is happy with the decision. 3DPrint.come editor Joris Peels saw the value in a solid, dedicated community of hobbyists in the 3D space. The decision to move away from hobbyist printers, wrote Peels, “has confused many.” “The value of 3DHubs is in its community; the community gives it granular local presence and a barrier to entry. Now it is just like any 3D printing service upstart and will lose its community entirely. I’ve always liked 3DHubs, although I have been very skeptical of their Trends Report I like the company and what they’re doing. I liked the idealism coupled with business,” he wrote. The community, for its part, is angry. A big F you to @3DHubs today! Switching over from “Locally sourced 3D prints” to the “Closed manufacturing program” basically… This was a big reason for me to own a 3d printer… now it’s all gone! — 2lol555 (@2lol555) September 12, 2018 Why? Don’t you plan on screwing over the 3d printing community due to greed? — MikByte (@viperz28) September 12, 2018 Sad news! @3DHubs is closing normal hubs (non Manufacturing Partners/Fulfilled by 3D Hubs). I’ve been pushing for months to get into the Fulfilled by 3D Hubs program, hope they give me one last change to join — Diego Trapero (@diegotrap) September 12, 2018…

Continuous Inkjet Technology: Do I Need It For My Business?

Upgrading and updating the technology and equipment used for a business is the lifeblood of any company. Outdated machinery and methods of manufacturing, warehousing, and shipping can be very costly,… Read more » The post Continuous Inkjet Technology: Do I Need It For My Business? appeared first on

Why 4 of 5 Business Owners Believe in the Power of Print

Print. It’s an essential means of communication, one of the first we learn. After speaking, the ability to put characters to paper and send our message into the world is the most powerful tool we are given to make ourselves seen and heard. While many things have changed, including the choice of mediums we use to communicate, and even what we print and how, the power of print has never lessened — even in this digital age. Nowhere is this truer than in the business world, where print is still a critical component of virtually every marketing campaign, workflow, and customer interaction. It can also provide the competitive edge you’ve been looking for. Source: The Proof is in the Printing When everyone else was falsely proclaiming the death of print, FedEx (NYSE: FDX) Office was busy proving its power. In a recently conducted survey of more than 800 respondents, FedEx demonstrated emphatically that professional printing services help four out of five small business owners stand out from the competition. Here’s how. While there is no doubt that we live in an increasingly digitally driven world, both at work and home, the survey by FedEx Office indicates that everyone, from customers to business owners, prefers the tangible characteristics of printed materials.  Print is comfortable, familiar, tactile. In fact, that desire for familiarity, to touch and feel, is so strong that 49 percent of survey respondents said, “A world without paper would make them feel stressed or annoyed.” It makes sense. When it comes to the things that matter most – our holiday greetings, wedding invitations, thank you notes, even our family photos – print is always more powerful than digital. Viewing a product image online simply does not – and cannot – have the same impact as a brochure full of glossy, full color pages you can hold right in your hand. In a press release, Brian Philips, president and chief executive officer of FedEx Office, said, “In an increasingly digital world, where tablets, computers, phones and TVs are our main sources for consuming and engaging with information, FedEx Office recognizes the importance…

Printrbot has shut down

Printrbot, a popular Kickstarter-backed 3D printer company, has shut down, leaving only a barebones website and little explanation. The founder, Brook Drumm, wrote that “Low sales led to hard decisions.” “We will be forever grateful to all the people we met and served over the years,” he wrote. “Thank you all.” Printrbot’s machines costs about $200 during the Kickstarter and Drumm created multiple add-ons including a belt for printing multiple objects. Drumm also ran Vault Multimedia and appeared on Science Channel’s All-American Makers TV and a pastor. Drumm created his product after having trouble assembling an early Makerbot and finding the hardware and software difficult to use. There is no clear information on future support or parts availability for current customers. I’ve reached out to the company for comment.

5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Label Printing System

There comes a time in almost every small business where it becomes necessary to purchase a label printing system. Label printing needs range from simple shipping or identification labels, to… Read more » The post 5 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Label Printing System appeared first on

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