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How to Write a Powerful Press Release to Grow Your Business

Guest Article A press or media release is a one-page written statement that a company sends to news outlets and bloggers to attract media attention. Often you can include video clips and photos with the release as well. Your press release is something that not only promotes your business but should excite the reader to want to know more. If you have an upcoming event, win a prestigious award or launch a new product; a press release is essential. Hiring a new executive or getting into a new strategic partnership could also warrant a release. A media release can also help establish the business owner as an expert or thought leader in his or her field which could draw business to the company as well. Before writing a press release consider this…. Before you write that press release, make sure you have something of value to say, know what you expect from coverage and have media targets to pitch. Some of the reasons for writing a press release include: You may have accomplished a milestone worth letting the public know about such as a grand re-opening, book launch, partnership with a charity to donate proceeds from a special sale, or a venture capital investment in your company. If you launch a new product or rebrand your company, that could be worthy of media coverage. Or if something in the news affects your industry, you could pitch the business owner as an expert media source. Once you make the media aware of it opportunities could come quickly. Although a press release is a great way to promote a business, it should not go out every time any little things happens. For it to have the maximum impact, only publish a release when there is breaking news; you are hosting an event, or win an award, it must be something vital. A properly crafted news release posted thru social media may end up being more valuable than just emailing your local TV station. You should look into services such a, or In fact, a study by RealWire found that social media…

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