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How to Create Content that Fuels Your Business Growth

This week on #Smallbizchat LIVE our show featured three guests: How to get growth that lands you on the Inc. 5000 list with Rod Brown, @RoderickLBrown, The Business of Storytelling with Sue Young, @sueyoungmedia, and Profiting From Podcasts: How to leverage the power of podcasts to build your business with Steve Olsher, @steveolsher. I pulled three of the best questions from each of them to share with you. Every third Wed of the month, Smallbizchat LIVE is broadcast on my SmallBizLady Facebook Page, YouTube channel and on Twitter @SmallBizLady. Rod Brown is a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies, over the past decade, that were all bootstrapped and all grew from zero to 7 figures. The software company OnceLogix, landed on the Inc. 5000 list in 2016, 2017, and 2018, The Forbes Small Giants list in 2017. Brown is passionate about helping small business owners grow and sustain healthy businesses. For more info: SMALLBIZLADY:  What are the qualifications needed to land on the Inc. 5000 list? Rod Brown: The Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America honors all sizes of success. If your private company has grown in the past few years, take advantage of this opportunity to receive global and national recognition for your achievements. You owe it to yourself (and to your employees) to apply for the most prestigious award in business. To qualify for the 2018 Inc. 5000, your company must meet each of the following qualifications: Be privately-owned, based in the United States, independent (not a subsidiary or division of another company) Have started earning revenue by March 31st, 2014 Had revenue no less than $100,000 in 2014 Had revenue no less than $2,000,000 in 2017 Revenue in 2017 exceeds revenue in 2014 SMALLBIZLADY: Is there such a thing as growing your business too quickly? Why or Why not? Rod Brown: I believe you can grow too quickly.  Rapid growth presents some interesting opportunities. I believe rapid growth will destroy you if; You do not have proper processes in place to handle a huge, rapid growth.The success is in the process.  Each step of acquiring, on-boarding, communicating, and supporting your customers is extremely…

iHeartMedia is acquiring HowStuffWorks

iHeartMedia has agreed to acquire Stuff Media, the company that owns the HowStuffWorks podcasting business. The companies did not disclose the financial terms of the deal, but both the Wall Street Journal and Variety are reporting that the acquisition price was $55 million. According to the announcement, Stuff Media podcasts will retain their branding and the organization will remain headquartered in Atlanta, while President and CEO Conal Byrne joins iHeartMedia as the head of its podcasting division. HowStuffWorks was originally founded in 1998 and had a number of owners before spinning out as an independent company and raising a $15 million Series A last year. In recent years, its focus has shifted from explainer articles and videos to podcasts, and in fact, it says those podcasts receive more than 61 million downloads and streams each month, with Stuff You Should Know surpassing 500 million downloads this year. iHeartMedia, meanwhile, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year. (The media company was formerly known as Clear Channel.) Prior to announcing the acquisition, it was already working with   Stuff Media on its true crime podcast Atlanta Monster. “Stuff Media is the original trailblazer of the podcasting industry, and we’ve been impressed by its ability to grow a massive, loyal audience over the past decade, led by a strong, experienced and cohesive management team, who we welcome to iHeartMedia,”  said iHeartMedia’s chairman and CEO Bob Pittman in the announcement. “This strategic acquisition will pair Stuff Media’s wildly popular content and strong creative capabilities with iHeartMedia’s extensive resources and massive scale through our digital platforms, social reach and broadcast radio stations, introducing podcasts to the vast majority of the country and offering even more unique opportunities for advertisers to reach their consumers.”

How to Leverage Podcast Interviews to Grow Your Small Business!

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  This is excerpted from my recent interview with Millette Jones.  She is a coach, speaker, and host of the Unstoppable Coach podcast.  She guides entrepreneurs to be recognized as experts in their field and steadily grow their business by telling their unique story on podcasts. For more info: SmallBizlady:  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A GUEST EXPERT ON PODCASTS? Millette Jones:  First, you will be able to speak to new audiences with each interview you land. Also, most podcasters provide a backlink in their show notes to your website, which is great for SEO. And finally, podcasts are evergreen. People can discover your interview weeks, months or even years after it’s recorded. SMALLBIZLADY:  IS PODCAST GUESTING FOR EVERYONE? CAN A NEW ENTREPRENEUR EXPECT TO GET AN INTERVIEW? Millette Jones:  You don’t need to be a celebrity or thought leader to land podcast interviews. You don’t even need to be an expert in your field. You do need to be knowledgeable, confident, and have the heart of a teacher. Podcast hosts want to bring their audience interesting interviews with people who are engaging and have something valuable to share. If you can do that then you can land interviews. SMALLBIZLADY:  What is the first step in getting accepted as a guest expert on podcasts? Millette Jones:  When you send a pitch to a podcaster they will check you out. Make sure your foundation is in order. This means you need to have your website and social sites set up. Your branding should be consistent. You need quality images and content on all your platforms. If possible you need to have testimonials and authority proof. Make sure you look like a pro when the host does their research on you. SMALLBIZLADY:  MILLETTE, ONCE THE FOUNDATION IS IN PLACE HOW DO WE FIND PODCASTS TO PITCH TO? Millette Jones:   A quick way to find podcasts is to look through iTunes or any of the…

How to Get Started with a Podcast

If you are going to start doing a podcast to create content to promote your business, there are a few things that you need to know. Doing a podcast is hard work, so in order to leverage it to drive brand awareness and sales in your business you need a refined topic, a regular schedule, and the right equipment. Here is a breakdown of what is involved in getting started with a podcast. Consistency is key. If your podcast is weekly, make it weekly, and don’t skip a week. Once of the easiest ways to keep your podcast consistent is to record multiple podcasts in a day. Set aside two days a month where you record 4-6 episodes that way you can stay ahead of the schedule. Decide Show Format: Make sure there’s an audience for your topic and content. Niches are fine, but not all stories are worth telling.  You need to be a decent story teller and you must have the skill to pull great stories out of the people you interview. If you do your podcast in a talk show format, this is critical. You can also do a narrative format, but you could run low on topics quickly unless you’ve written a ton of books and blog posts on the topic. How long will your podcast be? 20 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour? Many podcast are geared towards 25 minutes which is the average drive time people spend going to work each day. Will you interview one person for 30-minutes or will you do three interviews in that time? Get a Team: Are you a good host or should you have a co-host? You might also need a producer to schedule interviews or technical producer to do the edits and posting for your show. Some of the most popular podcasts have two hosts who play well off each other, so consider it. It’s also good to have a co-host if you are not a seasoned interviewer or if you are a busy entrepreneur with a heavy travel schedule. Build an Audience: One of best ways to…

How I Built a #1-Ranked Podcast With 60M+ Downloads

  The kitchen table where I’ve recorded the majority of my podcasts. This is my first public exploration of the business and art of podcasting. I still have much to improve, but I’m ready to share a few lessons learned. It’s my hope that they’ll save you a ton of time. I’m still flabbergasted by how this experiment took on a life of its own.  It started with too much booze with Kevin Rose, and I expected it to die a quiet death after six episodes. That said, here are a few quick stats on The Tim Ferriss Show after 150 episodes of mucking about, screwing up, and refining (as of this writing): Nearly 70,000,000 downloads as of April 2016 [Update: As of October 2016, more than 100M] More than 2,500 reviews on iTunes, 2,100+ 5-star reviews Selected for “Best of iTunes” in 2014 and 2015 Out of 300,000+ podcasts on iTunes, it’s generally the #1 business podcast and an overall top-25 podcast Won “Podcast of the Year” in 2015 for the Jamie Foxx episode (via Product Hunt) I’ve certainly stumbled a lot, but that’s how you figure things out. I’ll share the first batch of big lessons in this post. If you like it, there’s a whole lot more to divulge (e.g. exactly how I get guests, etc.). If the response is a collective “meh,” I’ll play with my dog instead. I’ve formatted this little ditty as a Q&A, based on the most common questions from readers, podcasters, and journalists. Hope you find it useful! The overarching principles explored apply to a whole lot more than podcasting… ### QUESTION: Why did you start the podcast? How has it evolved over 150 episodes? The podcast was never intended to be a business. I was burned out after The 4-Hour Chef, which was nearly 700 pages, and I wanted a casual but creative break from big projects. Since I enjoyed being interviewed by Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, Nerdist, and other podcasting heavies who really move the needle, I decided to try long-form audio for six episodes. If I didn’t enjoy it, I would throw in the towel and…

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