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What Does a Good MPS Offering Look Like?

If you’re yet to engage with a managed print services (MPS) partner, you may be wondering what to look for. Equally, if you’ve had a bad experience with a partner, you may be wondering what qualities they were missing. What Every Business Wants from MPS Printers and scanning devices still play a major role in businesses of all sizes. Whether you use them for internal documentation or for heavy-duty promotional work, the devices you rely on day-in, day-out need to deliver on quality and cost savings. And for that, you’ll need help from an MPS partner. When you consider your print environment as a whole, there are three key challenges an MPS partner should be able to help you with: reducing costs of hardware purchases, consumables, and stationery; raising productivity throughout the organisation; and obtaining a single invoice and the ability to recharge business units. If you run a multi-site operation, the above challenges are multiplied, but even if you’re a single-site SME, you’ll benefit significantly from an MPS provider that has a proven track record in building strategies, achieving cost savings and basing their work on solid industry experience. Xenith’s 3-Step Methodology In order to solve the challenges notes above, Xenith works with a 3-step methodology: Understand: A Business Analyst will work with your Account Manager to understand your people, processes and business requirements before designing a print strategy. Execute: Any changes to your existing system must be introduced carefully with user buy-in. Our Business Transformation Team will work with you to accomplish this. Improve: We continually improve your infrastructure during the lifetime of your contract and stay responsive to changing business requirements. A good managed print services (MPS) partner should be able to do these 3 things No More Sweating the Small Stuff The closer an MPS partner works with you, the more their efforts will benefit all areas of your business. For instance, by implementing analytical solutions, they’ll help you put an end to guesswork with data-driven analysis of your print environment. By acting as the conduit between your business and suppliers, they can also ensure you benefit from transparent…

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