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Stress-Free Ways to Simplify Small Business Processes

Running around like a chicken with your head cut off might seem like a good sign. After all, you are bringing on new customers. The phone is ringing off the hook. You’re skimping on sleep trying to do everything at once. You’re even (kinda, sorta) succeeding! There’s only one problem with this common scene: contrary to popular belief, busyness itself is not a virtue. What truly takes skill is one’s ability to manage, delegate and execute tasks efficiently – all while staying sane in the process. If being busy has dominated your life, it’s time to regain control. Use this guide to figure out where you’re losing the most time so you can reduce daily stress and get back to work that matters. Common Time Zappers Streamlining your business processes requires you to pinpoint the biggest time wasters in your daily schedule. However, this can be difficult to determine off the top of your head – especially when it feels like you’re spending lots of time on rudimentary tasks. Let’s examine your day-to-day productivity to see where your business can be more efficient. Track Your Minutes Start by keeping track of your time usage throughout a single day. Productivity consultant Daniel Gold suggests writing down all of your daily activities on a piece of paper. Record what you were doing and how long it took (be honest). Look for the work-related activities that you spent the most amount of time on. Was it answering customer phone calls? Was it meeting with your business partner? Take note of these activities. If writing down your tasks feels like a stressor or a distraction, you can always turn to an automated time tracking tool like Toggl. This time tracker connects to your web browser to show where you’re spending time on the web. Later, you can view an organized chart that breaks your time down into categories. It’s also a good idea to have partners and employees track their time, as this will provide a comprehensive overview of your workforce efficiency. Find Patterns Look for patterns in your daily habits. Did you sit…

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