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6 Ways to Make the Most of LinkedIn’s Free Resources for Small Businesses

When you own a small business, every penny counts. So, when a small business has the opportunity to boost their business for free, they need to take advantage. We all know and love LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network. LinkedIn currently has over 575 million members, and over 150 million of those members are in the United States. As a small business owner on LinkedIn, you may question how you can stand out among the masses. Here are a few tips to make the most out of LinkedIn’s free resources.   Your Personal Profile The most important thing you need to do to stay relevant in an ever-changing social network is to continually keep your profile up to date. This includes any information you provide such as A professional picture, Contact information, Resumes, Portfolios, Your website, Associations, the list goes on… If you are able to write well, put together an article about your business specialties (more on this below). If writing isn’t your thing, post updates to keep your audience abreast of what you’ve been up to. Your Company Profile First things first, get your logo and description up on your LinkedIn Company profile. Make sure all data is accurate, and create a keyword rich description of your business to entice potential customers– but this isn’t the place to be too sales-y. Next: Be sure you have a branded hero image, Create a calendar of company updates (this is a great place to share articles, your blog posts, industry-relevant pieces, etc), Encourage your employees to join your company page on their LinkedIn profiles, Encourage employees to engage with your posts & post their own updates about your company. Connecting with Professionals All the big names are on LinkedIn, from Bill Gates to Richard Branson. The unique nature of LinkedIn allows you to connect with the big fish of the business world. But, when you’re connecting with others be sure to: Do your research before ever sending a connections request. If you’ve never met someone and they just send you a request out of the blue, are you likely…

Big Mistakes, Optimizing Time and More. OnDeck Interviews Ramon Ray

Ramon Ray, small business guru, has quality insight in the makings of a successful small business. Through tried and true trial and error, Ramon has found what works for small businesses and what doesn’t. While the list of tips and tricks could go on forever, Ramon answers 7 important small business questions with his insight into what makes them successful. 1. First of all, who is Ramon Ray, and how did he become the successful businessman he is today? Ramon got started on his way to success by starting four businesses. Two of these are still his today, including his web-based business, Small Biz Technology, and his magazine, Smart Hustle Magazine. Small Biz Technology is an online resource that small businesses can use to find out how to best use technology in their favor. Ramon mentions that he “works with large brands to help them better reach small businesses.” Essentially, Ramon works to connect small businesses with large corporations so that both benefit. 2. What is the number one most important thing that all small business owners should know based on what you’ve learned along the way? Ramon admits that small business owners don’t always understand their audience. In order to correct this problem, he says that small business owners need to learn who they are targeting and make sure that their company is niche oriented. Ramon mentions that it isn’t a bad thing to begin small and expand later. An initially narrow market can be broadened later once a certain level of success has been reached. Starting a business on too large of a scale could end up being overwhelming and backfiring in the long run. 3. Between marketing, sales, and operations, or another aspect entirely, what area should a small business owner master before all others? Ramon says that due to his own experience, he struggles with the right answer to this question. He says that he “normally would say sales or marketing,” but has discovered that operations is truly the root for all areas of the business to grow from. Without a solid system in place for…

5G: How Fast Mobile Broadband will Affect Your Business

5G is here, and it seeks to supercharge your internet speeds. On October 1, 2018, Verizon launched its 5G ultra wideband network ahead of many of its competitors leading the charge for incredible speeds and downloads times. 5G is rumored to launch fully in 2020, getting its start in the US, South Korea, and China. Here’s what the launch of 5G will mean for your small business. First, what is 5G? 5G s the 5th Generation of cellular networking. Just as every new release and generation of cellular networking has changed the way we interact with the internet and our phones, 5G will do just that. explains that even more than being the 5th generation of cellular networking, ‘“5G” is an agreed upon set of standards defined by the International Telecommunication Union (the ITU) and the 3GPP, who work together with hardware companies and carriers to define what exactly a 5G network actually is.’ Verizon’s 5G Launch Verizon has been working on their launch for quite some time, continually pushing their partners and others in the field to do more, faster. Currently, Verizon is spearheading the 5G network world with its 5G Technology Forum and 5G Labs, working together with other companies and developers to bring the 5G Network to fruition. Rather than wait on the competition or sideliners to bring what they have to the table, Verizon has decided to bring about the launch of 5G Home to get the ball rolling for the 5G world. There is no doubt, however, that we will soon see 5G networks from many other providers, all with various add-ons. In early-mid September, 5G Home was available for ordering ahead of the official launch date. Initial users were part of an offer called the “First on 5G” members, who received three months of 5G Home Service for free. Following the introductory period, Verizon customers could add the service to their plan for only $50 a month. Those customers interested in the network who were not Verizon customers could get the service for $70 a month. What does 5G mean for Small Business?…

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