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How to Leverage Podcast Interviews to Grow Your Small Business!

Every week as SmallBizLady, I conduct interviews with experts on my Twitter talk show #SmallBizChat. The show takes place every Wednesday on Twitter from 8-9 pm ET.  This is excerpted from my recent interview with Millette Jones.  She is a coach, speaker, and host of the Unstoppable Coach podcast.  She guides entrepreneurs to be recognized as experts in their field and steadily grow their business by telling their unique story on podcasts. For more info: SmallBizlady:  WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BEING A GUEST EXPERT ON PODCASTS? Millette Jones:  First, you will be able to speak to new audiences with each interview you land. Also, most podcasters provide a backlink in their show notes to your website, which is great for SEO. And finally, podcasts are evergreen. People can discover your interview weeks, months or even years after it’s recorded. SMALLBIZLADY:  IS PODCAST GUESTING FOR EVERYONE? CAN A NEW ENTREPRENEUR EXPECT TO GET AN INTERVIEW? Millette Jones:  You don’t need to be a celebrity or thought leader to land podcast interviews. You don’t even need to be an expert in your field. You do need to be knowledgeable, confident, and have the heart of a teacher. Podcast hosts want to bring their audience interesting interviews with people who are engaging and have something valuable to share. If you can do that then you can land interviews. SMALLBIZLADY:  What is the first step in getting accepted as a guest expert on podcasts? Millette Jones:  When you send a pitch to a podcaster they will check you out. Make sure your foundation is in order. This means you need to have your website and social sites set up. Your branding should be consistent. You need quality images and content on all your platforms. If possible you need to have testimonials and authority proof. Make sure you look like a pro when the host does their research on you. SMALLBIZLADY:  MILLETTE, ONCE THE FOUNDATION IS IN PLACE HOW DO WE FIND PODCASTS TO PITCH TO? Millette Jones:   A quick way to find podcasts is to look through iTunes or any of the…

Who’s on #Smallbizchat July 2018

#Smallbizchat is a weekly conversation where small business owners can get answers to their questions. The focus of #Smallbizchat is to end small business failure by helping participants succeed as your own boss.   Please join us live on Twitter every Wednesday 8-9 pm ET. Here’s how: follow @SmallBizChat on Twitter and follow the hashtag #Smallbizchat and click here for directions to join the weekly conversation.   In July, we will be talking about podcast interviews and government contracting.  July 18th, we will host  #Smallbizchat LIVE on Twitter, Facebook  (watch on,  and YouTube, sponsored by Adobe. Join us to talk about the following topics:  increasing productivity, 10 best business hacks, and leveraging your network. Here is a list of who is on #Smallbizchat in July: July 4th – No #Smallbizchat in honor of the July 4th holiday     June 11th – How to Leverage Podcast Interviews to Grow Your Small Business, @millettejones Millette Jones is a coach, speaker, and host of the Unstoppable Coach podcast.  She guides entrepreneurs to be recognized as experts in their field and steadily grow their business by telling their unique story on podcasts.  Learn more at   July 18th – #Smallbizchat LIVE on Facebook Sponsored by Adobe     Increase Produtivity in Your Business, @TechLifeSteph Technology and Lifestyle Expert Stephanie Humphrey shows people how technology makes their lives easier on a variety of media platforms, including ‘The Harry Show’, ‘Good Morning America’, and ‘Good Day Philadelphia’. She also helps people become better digital citizens through her signature seminar ‘Til Death Do You Tweet. Find out more at   10 Best Business Hacks for Busines Owners, @barrymoltz Barry Moltz gets business owners growing again by unlocking their long forgotten potential.  With decades of entrepreneurial experience in his own business ventures as well as consulting countless other entrepreneurs,  Barry has discovered the formula to get stuck business owners unstuck and marching forward. As a small business expert, Barry applies simple, strategic steps to facilitate change.  Learn more at   Leveraging Your Network, @pamslim Pamela Slim is a small business coach with a strange twist: most of her clients are very large companies who serve the small business market. Find out more at     July 25th –…

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