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5 Steps to Become an Email Marketing Guru

The marketing landscape for businesses has changed drastically since the advent of the internet. Reaching out to potential consumers is no longer reliant on broad and impersonal TV spots, radio… Read more » The post 5 Steps to Become an Email Marketing Guru appeared first on

How to do your market research on a shoestring budget

In business, commissioning market research may seem intimidating or even unnecessary when you’re on a tight budget. (SMEs) often think it is only for big business, but this is far from the truth. Customers can be difficult whether your company is big or small. They have their own vocabulary, their own ‘goods and services’ and The post How to do your market research on a shoestring budget appeared first on Small Business.

4 Ways to Create a Business Blog that Drives Sales

Few content creators write blogs with the intention of generating sales. Instead, if you asked most copywriters, they’d probably tell you they write blogs to inform website visitors or to… Read more » The post 4 Ways to Create a Business Blog that Drives Sales appeared first on

Successful Businesses – More Than Just Numbers

The richest and most successful companies in the world are not only renowned by the stunning estimates of their revenues, but their philanthropy, too. Reasons for these great acts of… Read more » The post Successful Businesses – More Than Just Numbers appeared first on

How to Raise Local Awareness for Your Business

Raising awareness for your business requires reinvesting money into the business no matter what you do or how you do it. That’s why it’s important to have access to fast… Read more » The post How to Raise Local Awareness for Your Business appeared first on

How to Boost Your Sales with Whiteboard Animation

There are currently hundreds of tools and tactics a savvy marketer can use to improve conversions. From blog posts and social media, to infographics and email marketing. However, one particular… Read more » The post How to Boost Your Sales with Whiteboard Animation appeared first on

10 Video Marketing Mistakes A Good Marketer Should Avoid

A famous adage goes like this, “When you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Whatever you do, it is quite important that you know what you are doing and you do it right. Same is the case for your video marketing strategy as well. Video marketing today is like a fast and competitive game. If you are likely to make any mistakes, then there is no winning. A poor quality video marketing campaign can do more harm than good to your video as well as your business. Remember the video you make reflects your brand. Hence, getting it right is indeed crucial. With 87% of online marketers using video content to improve their marketing strategy, 51% of them have claimed videos to be the best content to give you ROI.  Also, viewers retain 95% of the information you give in the form of a video as compared to 10% when reading it in a text. But the fact is, that kind of success is not very easy. Your video marketing should also be bang on! With video being the superhero of marketing, you will always get back what you put forth in your video marketing strategy. Avoid any mistakes and you will be on your way in producing a video that surely captivates the world. Without further ado, let’s get into the details of various mistakes you are likely to make in your business’s video marketing strategy, how to get rid of them and rise like a star! How to avoid 10 common video marketing mistakes Let’s face it! Video marketing costs money. And when you are willing to lay a budget on this marketing strategy, a mistake is something you cannot afford. Below are the most common video marketing mistakes that even experts can sometimes make. Choosing the wrong partner Today, anyone can make a video easily with just a smartphone in hand. But, is that what you want? The customers of your business might equate the quality of your video to the quality of your business. Thus, you need to consult the experts. In order to save…

SEO and SEM tips for construction or contracting businesses

For construction and general contracting businesses, the best form of marketing has traditionally been word-of-mouth. When you do good work, clients recommend you to others, and business builds from there. But word-of-mouth can only take you so far. In an increasingly digital world, you need search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) to propel you to the next level. Here’s an overview of how these tools work and how you can use them to generate leads, and ultimately, more business. The basics of SEO and SEM SEO and SEM are marketing methods that help your business rise to the top of results when potential customers search for providers online using search engines like Google and Bing. SEO includes the techniques you can use to drive quality traffic to your website. On the other hand, SEM includes paid marketing techniques on search engines. While these SEM methods require an upfront investment, they can be effective at creating and increasing awareness of your business in your local area. What’s more, you can combine SEO and SEM to increase your visibility on the internet and boost your flow of customers. But before you add these tools to your toolbox, here’s what you need to know: Strategies to boost SEO The simplest way to utilize SEO involves researching the top keywords that people may use to search online for businesses like yours, and then scattering these words and phrases across your website and business listings. This makes your website and listings more likely to appear when potential customers use them on Google, Bing or other search engines. With that in mind, here are four things you can do right now to boost your SEO efforts: 1. Create a list of keywords and phrases Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers, and ask yourself what you would search for when looking for a business like yours online. Remember to be specific and detailed. Come up with 5-10 phrases that you think fit your business best. For example, if you run a construction business, simply using “construction” won’t cut it. Using a more specific phrase such as “custom…

5 Brilliant Tools for Every Savvy Marketer

Marketing is something that every single business on the planet needs in order to be successful, but in the ever-crowded world of communications, how does the savvy marketer stand out?… Read more » The post 5 Brilliant Tools for Every Savvy Marketer appeared first on

Start your seasonal marketing with Everything Holiday

Ready to get a jump on your holiday marketing? The Everything Holiday resource center is open now! Everything Holiday has the festive tips and holiday helpers your business needs to stand out this season. Here are just a few of the treats you’ll find: The popular Subject Line Generator, which makes it a snap to create compelling seasonal subject lines Free holiday-themed imagery to use in your email and social media campaigns Clever holiday ideas to help you make an impression in this busy advertising season Many more holiday marketing must-haves With Everything Holiday, your holiday season is practically guaranteed to be merry and bright. And for even more holiday guidance and insights, download our free eBook, Holiday Marketing Fundamentals below. Shine brighter than the competition Get seasonal tips and practical advice to make the most of the holidays. Download our free Holiday Marketing Fundamentals eBook today. Download the eBook >> The post Start your seasonal marketing with Everything Holiday appeared first on Deluxe Small Business Resource Center.

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